FBI sends filthy death messages to me at Christmas time.


FBI operatives greet me with Merry Christmas messages even as they vandalize my home & car and deliver hate messages in my face.

*At long last and after much reflection, I can present this report on the *filthy character & corrupt so-called justice systems (CJS) in the USA, including the *fbi/police/prosecutor/judge and the entire criminal justice community.*

****This day and yesterday (Christmas) the fbi attacks me with extreme psychological operations (PSYOPS), including the following: vandalism of home and car, gaslighting by tampering with my cell phone and by sending thugs to assault me in my home, in my face, and in preposterous manner in efforts to provoke.




The federal magistrate judge who authorizes fbi to kill me is as low a human being as exist in the world, as that judge sends these homicidal psychopaths at Christmas time to demoralize me. They fail.**
****Our CJS sets innocent people up for prosecutions through provocations, blackmail, forced confessions and fraudulently invented/manufactured evidence. Every person who is jailed must be freed and must have his/her name cleared. Every Target, including me, must be freed from terror campaigns and must be compensated for the pain and suffering imposed by the criminals in the court, police, fbi and their operatives.

*The fbi operative in my neighborhood and the fbi assassins who come to my home to threaten or harass should be jailed as accessories to attempted murder (or other criminal law violation) and all the judges should be indicted, if they are aware of or participated in the dirty psyops against me and other Targets.*
*The silly little woman who stalks me in my home and come up to ring my door bell and insults me in my face needs psychiatric counseling or hospitalization. She is crazy; this is the same lunatic whom I previously identified as a retarded witch. She serves the devil.*

*So, I regret the necessity that compels me to announce that the USA imprisons innocent people on a wholesale basis and allows homicidal fools and killers to go free as long as they cooperate with fbi. In this manner the fbi is MAFIA and is a disgrace to the American flag that many men and women in uniform served at risk of life and health.*

Attacks continue with FBI high tech weaponry:


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Today FBI are Nazis & rule USA by Nazi methods.
'The Nazis created a terror-state. *This was achieved through intimidation and brutality. Those living in Germany were too scared to disobey Nazi laws.'
Even Jews help fbi, fearing reprisal for refusing fbi


*These include groups of people who the fbi deem either dangerous to the state, to fbi/police or were Targets to be eradicated from society:
political opponents
certain religious figures

1-4-21 FBI causes all contractors to destroy my property: damage roof & appliances $3k, plumbing $300, teeth $3k VA paid, MD & DDS & assistants controlled by FBI and torture/abuse me routinely, anyone I call is contacted by FBI to sabotage any repairs needed & to assassinate character.

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