Why we’re winning


It was all horribly depressing on Sunday. It seemed that everything was decked in National Blue. Even the fucking sky over Wellington was blue.

But then I stumbled upon this article on the stuff website. It shows that we are actually winning. Those who refused to particiate in this circus, that is.

Despite there being a slight increase in enrolled voter turnout (77% compared to 74% in 2011), the number of people who declined to enrol altogether was up from 6.6% to 8.3%. That’s twice as many people as voted for the conservatives and almost as many as voted for Winston.

So, far from being apathetic, there is a growing number of people who are prepared to break the law and risk being fined $100 for their political beliefs that voting doesn't change anything. Maybe it’s the start of a movement...


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According to The Press on Monday September 22 "Roughly 1 million eligible people didn't vote in Saturday's election."

That's nearly as many people abstaining as those who voted for the party claiming the right to govern...

It's a shame I can't un-enroll. And if I just ignored it, moved house and didn't update my enrollment, someone else would get to vote in my name if they wanted.

I wonder what would happen if I sent back enrollment update/confirmation letters as "return to sender, does not live here"? Would that get me un-enrolled?

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