Jihadi Muhammad Daniel wants medical Marijuana legalize in New Zealand.

Muhammad Daniel plans only to return back to New Zealand. But has said, only on the grounds that New Zealand government legalize medical marijuana for public use.

News has reviewed that Muhammad Daniel aka Mark John Taylor whose currently location is in Syria. Wants to obtain a new New Zealand passport and travel back overseas. Mr Daniel said, NZ government must legalize medical Marijuana as its the best hope for the government to recover from this recession. He further added. Tourism and the Economy would greatly benefit from this cash crop. He said, the government isn't interested in this industry. But it will place New Zealand back on top of been one of best tourism countries in the world again. Many kiwis living in Australia would return back to New Zealand, either as tourist or starting a business in medical Marijuana. The economy would flourish! But sadly the government isn't interested in making New Zealand a better place to live.


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