DLANZ: Disabled say Send in Barrier Free Auditors....not Soldiers for Gaza, Ukraine and other sites


Disabled Hegelian Dialectic to World Politics: If NATO ever needed a Rapid Reaction Force, and then sends in one with a Design for a Future instead of Damage and Control. Disabled need Peace

Disabled Hegelian Dialectic to World Politics: If NATO ever needed a Rapid Reaction Force, and then sends in one with a Design for a Future instead of Damage and Control. Disabled need Peace.....an alternative perspective

As DLANZ wrote in the Daily Blog…. The Ukraine issue is important as ethnic and disabled voices aren’t heard….Before John Key makes any ‘Grand Stand’ he should consult with Maori, who are far better at ethnic mediation than him. Or Obama and Putin in their Te Ao Rawa World (Imperialism Materialism…you name it)…long live peace"

It shouldn’t take some Academic from Moscow University to tell Vladimir Putin the Russian word for ‘Annexation' could well be described as Crimea / Crime Here. And, Barak Obama talking of freeing peoples, should first think of places like Hawaii whose Indigenous Polynesian population has been colonized. I bet both Julia Gillard and Barak never thought to ask Aborigine First Nation, before they made arrangements for a Military Base near Darwin Australia.

The destruction of cites like Gaza by Israeli bombardments reminds me of the same scenario of the uprising of the ‘Jewish’ Ghetto Warsaw in 1943, which virtually flattened it, In 1944 it was the USSR who watched on while the Nazi destroyed the Polish uprising, just because they were not Communists? Syria bombs cites of Aleppo and their own Damascus while Russia provides aid and armaments, and, is no different to the United States with Israeli occupation of Palestine. It means nothing to the suffering pf victims and families nor the ever increasing burden put on World economies being pressured to finance and then pay for rehabilitation of land and peoples.For too long it has become apparent that World Systems like UN Top 5 or Trade and Financial Organisations are driven by Profit orientated motives that override both the Indigenous of the Land or the considerations and care of those citizens who live there.

DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ wrote in 2012 to Vladimir Putin on Syria (via Russian Embassy), that aside from defense; the use of violence as a means to achieve an ends, is both unproductive and counter revolutionary. A year before DLANZ wrote to Barak Obama on Palestine UN Recognition, where we state that…” The Indigenous Population – These are called ‘Guardians / People of the Land, as described under The United Nations Charter for Rights of Indigenous Peoples….The Disabled – Representing those people, and their families who are, or would become ‘disabled’ due to actions leading to violence.

Both groups are being treated as collateral damage, and the land gets destroyed as scars of battles etc their advice is important as those Palestinians and Israelis are at the front line. International Relations without an ethnic focus is doomed to failure because history has shown the world the economic driven ideals of Capitalism or Socialism drives both indigenous and disabled populations into depths of dependency and abject poverty, which leaves them in vulnerable positions.

Its time World Powers realised that the mess we’re in today has come about from historical acts of State or Collective interests where money has been wasted in both methods of war and destruction and the restorative costs including overstretched Western democracies imposing austerity measures that end games also mean eugenics.

I for one do not believe that the woes of the world are answered on the ‘termination’ of a few crippled kids or the extinction of Indigenous tribes and their own culture.

A more holistic setting is required like UN Ethnic Councils being involved in Sovereignty disputes; Lower interest rates by International Monetary providers to States who meet UN Conventions on Women, Children, and Indigenous Rights would be seen as a better investment in futures. Meeting environment requirements over Global Warming is another issue that can be addressed if we as a planet do not waste monies and lives.

Disabled taking a lead role in World Affairs, I agree is an Idealist concept, which is seriously lacking in today’s affairs. ‘Sting’ wrote a song called ‘Russians’ and I draw on its last line “What might save me and you, is that ‘Disabled’ love their children too’’

Regards and keep smiling
Doug Hay
Cordinator DLANZ


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