DLANZ Sports Desk say Oscar Pistorius, Return Medals and Sports Legs back to Parafed


Disabled Frame says No to Domestic or any other Violence...by any Name...this is a personal view from one who lives the same

Sorry guys but Oscar Pistorius is a jerk and deserves all the time the judge gives him
Dropped his guts at Paralympics Games prior the Valentine Dayand our heart go to Reeva and her family.

Said at the time on Radio LIVE with Willie J that it reminded me even then, the OJ Simpson scenario....he; on his way down. she; on her way up...Like him, I like many others were born in similar frames....grew up with caring families and Paraplegic Games and 'Fames' like Neroli Fairhall NZ...as an example not Oscar

Also, I was about the same age when I met my missus Theresa who was about a bit older than me.....Violence was never there...love good food music humor and romance...even Valentine Cards.....I hope for Reeva's family sake Oscar gets his just desserts for being a 'Johnny in the Lolly Shoo' ,means lucky and ungrateful a kid

My late Theresa has two now grown up women with grand kids whom I would not want to meet this dude ever, so I hope Parafed are returned Oscar's Medals and Sports Legs.
No matter what the judge fives him, this should also be a lesson for Coaches Administrators and Athletes of all Sports....Disabled say NO to Violence...by whatever Name...May Reeva rest in peace

Kia Ora


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