DLANZ Ask some Questions for NZ Elections by Disabled


A Forum is being held today hosted by a number of Disability agencies to provide Political parties a view of disabled people's concerns. Here are DLANZ contributions to date.

Re Political Hui AUT 30/8
My name is Doug Hay - Cordinator for DLANZ and many thanks to your groups for arranging this opportunity for Disabled in Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland.
Unfortunately I'm unable to get there, so please may I forward the following questions?

HOUSING and HNZ: Which Party will give a clear commitment that those disabled tenants with modified premises and who have given guarantees of 'permanent' tenure; that they will not be forcibly evicted like happens in Glenn Innes and other areas?

EMPLOYMENT and JOB CREATION: Which Party on quests for clean, green and smarter economies, extend the Mainstream Funding for Disabled beyond the restrictions with the States Services Comm. and into these new industries?

TRANSPORT: Which Party will give a clear commitment that Public Transport is both accessible and safe for people with disabilities? AND Ensure that concerns of safety as like what happened at Morningside Rail Junction when a young lady's wheelchair got stuck in the rail lines, do not happen again?

HAUAA MAORI and RESEARCH: Which Party will give a clear commitment that eXxpected cuts to UoA's Nga Pae o te Maramatanga - Maori Research Center of Excellence - due in 2015...will be revoked so they can continue their good work for Aotearoa NZ?

ENVIRONMENT: Which Political Party will Save the Maul Dolphins AND Stop Fracking?

.Also I am a life time CCS....Born Arthrogryposis....Pukeora.....Laura Fergusson.....Adult Services Cord NZCCS Tga 1992-93
Regards and keep smiling


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