Request for a public debate with Nikki Hager on New Zealand politics.

I consider what the left has done in manipulating the NZ bill of rights in their own interests and creating a self-destructive culture is far worse than what the National Party has done - rather the latter protects the left in Corporate interests.

Request for a public debate with Nikki Hager on New Zealand politics.

Anthony Ravlich
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.
Auckland City.
Ph (09) 940.9658

Nikki Hager has just released another book, 'Dirty Politics', which describes the politics of the New Zealand National Party ('You will not believe what you read', David Fisher, NZ Herald, 13 August, 2014. I am seeking an open public debate with Nikki Hager - it is a good way for the public to judge authenticity.

The following is my letter sent on 13 August:

Dear Nikki Hager,

I see you have another book which attacks the National Party

I am a human rights author and activist from Auckland for the last 23 years. I would very much like to have a public debate with you on New Zealand politics because although I have not read your book anything you would say about the National Party would be very unlikely to compare with the gross deceit, low cunning and lies of the left i.e. secular liberal collectivists (I would rather deal with the mafia than people who smile at me and then secretly make laws which kill the kids).

The latter have hijacked human rights in New Zealand and the UN have kept the enormous global and domestic consequences secret.e.g. the West and therefore individual freedoms in 'permanent' decline - a UN decision, which has, to my knowledge, not been made public six years later. The National Party in their own interests i.e. the Corporations, are protecting the left.

The secular liberal collectivists are a class which took over the Labour Party in 1984 - unlike the liberals before them who emphasized individual rights the secular liberal collectivists are largely descent-based and discriminate on the grounds of social class e.g. early Labour MPs were originally ordinary working people but now very largely from the middle class, professional ranks. New Zealanders need to see that secular liberal collectivists are virtually only ever concerned about their class interests and control and quite prepared to take the nation and, at the UN with the assistance of Helen Clark, the world, on a self-destructive course in their own interests.

My book 'Freedom from our social prisons...' was recommended on the UN website for about two years (they might now regret that) and my new plan for the world - what I consider a proper interpretation of the UDHR which in addition to an ethical human rights leads to an ethical development and ethical globalization. Of course, my book and the ethical plan (which has some top support on the internet) has never to my knowledge been reviewed in the mainstream media.

But as the truth comes out the leadership of the secular liberal collectivists, who have simply taken good law and manipulated it to their advantage and then kept it hidden, will find it increasingly more difficult to look New Zealanders in the eye and I strongly suspect will either spend the rest of their lives in elite circles or leave the country.

Needless to say I can't get any politician to debate with me because they have too much to hide - maybe that also applies to you - but I could be wrong. I keep an open mind.

I try my best not to be political, my views are based on universal human rights truth - if the truth matters to you we could have this public debate,

(PS. I now have another book contract with Lexington Books which is well-known in academia. Also for a brief description of the ethical approach to human rights, ethical development and ethical globalization see at the end of article, 'Comments on Helen Clark's refusal to discuss global ethical human rights', on internet).


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