Say NO to war AGAIN


The United States is getting involved in yet another war in Iraq – at the moment that is by way of aerial bombardment and the deployment of some 500 troops to protect the US Embassy in Baghdad.

The US propaganda machine is in full swing telling us that this is all about protecting human rights. Let us not be stupid enough to fall for these lies.

Glenn Greenwald has written a powerful invective against US claims of ‘humanitarianism’ and compiled some of the historical records relating to US involvement in Iraq – how the ‘enemy’ is carefully constructed to evoke fear and panic in the West. Comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler was one ongoing refrain, and that has now shifted to ‘ISIS – worst than al-Qaeda.’ While Robert Fisk exposes the usual US hypocrisy in condeming one genocide while supporting plenty of others.

We must remember that responsibility for the situation in Iraq today rests entirely with the United States. Not only did the United States brutally invade and occupy Iraq murdering some 120,000 people, but it set up a religious, sectarian government and installed a head of state whose power hungry, vicious and divisive politics have alienated large sections of the population. The US administration was aware of the situation they had created, but were unwilling to do anything about.

This war has not evoked the same opposition as the lead up to the war on the people of Iraq in 2003, but that should not lead anyone to the conclusion that we acquiesce to a new war or buy into any of the rhetoric. Rather, the population in the US and elsewhere is tired, exhausted really, by the scale and duration of horror that has been unleashed in the name of so-called ‘war on terrorism’ – a war of terror if ever there was one.

In the years prior to 9/11, there were but 17 people on the US ‘no fly list’ – now the numbers of people on the ‘terror watchlist’ is 680,000, including vast numbers of US citizens. The witch-hunt that gave the military-industrial complex a new raison d’ètre in the aftermath of the Cold War has expanded exponentially; it changed our world into a paranoid nightmare of Orwellian proportions – and now revealed to us, we can seemingly do nothing to even grasp the proportions of it, let alone stop it.

More than 11 years have passed since the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, and the vile lies and bloody deceit of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and a cabal of Washington warmongers may have begun to fade – and we have a generation of young people who would only have been children at the start of that war. Let us never, ever forget the total fabrications that brought about that war. And each time we hear of the terrible things that ISIS is doing in Iraq – let us remember the horror wrought by the US: Fallujah, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and in homes across Iraq every night for years on end.


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