The Parliamentary Prayer

Parliament may adopt a new prayer after the election

Parliament could get a new prayer after the election in September.

A review of standing orders, the rules that MPs must adhere to, was published this week, putting the prayer back on the agenda.

The review recommends MPs be asked their views on changing the prayer read by the Speaker at the opening of a sitting of the House.

The result might look like this.

Jesus or Buddah or Nothing Out There

Listen up and hear our prayer

Give us this day our daily bread

Whether or not the kids are fed

Forgive us if we should trespass

Just blame it on the working class

May unions all stay quiet and tame

And their top leaders learn our game

Help us sell more logs and wool

And dairy – we’ll provide the bull

Just help the bosses make a buck

How? – we don’t really give a fuck

And last, Lord, may it come to pass

Please save our seats to save our arse


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