Historical Record & Meaning Of fbi Efforts To Silence Me


See my two part report on the efforts by the fbi to prevent me from reporting their crimes.

Part One:

From about 1988 to the present I have documented the tactics used by the fbi and the cia in their vendetta against me (for reporting their crimes) as documented in the law books and on various websites (1). For the first decade of the fbi’s hijacking of my life I had no idea as to why, wherefore, or what I could do about it because the program directed at me was and is secret. Indeed, the extensive and painful assaults on my person, my professional standing and my very life were a part of an invisible program which is as twisted and demented in its conception as it is inhumane and macabre in its execution (2).

In the year 2000 I began to fight back by launching my website and by filing a law suit in efforts to ‘get my life back’. The details of the continuing efforts by the fbi to silence me are contained in my website and other postings online (3). Recently I have come to realize that no remedy is possible to stop the assassins of the fbi/cia from their potentially deadly campaign because the program that ensnares me is government wide and involves the programming of the public who in many instances unknowingly support the dirty project against selected Targets. Alas, I now have a better understanding of the bases and objectives of the secret agenda which as I now see encompasses many thousands of persons as Targets.
This report represents a summary of my findings (4) wherein I conclude that the program now used against me is also being directed against others worldwide. I refer to such systemic,massive and horrendous program as Modern Eugenics.

Modern *Eugenics is a war on the disenfranchised, weak, poor, disabled, activists, accused or convicted criminals, terrorists, et al, and is waged in open society (but covert in its goals and methods) by the government at all levels. All departments of government (and the general population) comply with the secret agenda of unspoken eugenic directives. Leading the assault on targeted human beings are fbi,cia, nsa, police, hhs, congress, dod, selected doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, judges, etc. *See:

After 25 years of torture, isolation, alienation and attempts on my life, and after my extensive review of the reports of other activists or dissidents, I must conclude that I am living evidence of the practice of eugenics by this evil government and the decadent culture that feeds it. See for example, see

For my carefully recorded details of methods used in attempts at extermination, including macabre medical & chemical experiments on me, assaults by police/fbi and their thugs and operatives, see

I hope that my reports and similar documentations by others may cause a general awakening to the horrors that the United States government now forces on people globally. This post is meant only for consideration as a viable theory (and a framework for further analysis, not unlike in tone and style my previous articles on The Age of Madness,year 2011, and my article on "Committed To Healing",year 2008), and I do not seek any type of revenge against the apparent insanity of the perpetrators of the mini holocaust evinced in my articles which I believe uncover the secrets of Modern Eugenics. Thank you. Geral Sosbee

(1)Details: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html

(2)Targeted For Terror (2004): http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/targetedforterro.html

(3) Affidavits 2007, 2014:


(4) Summary: http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2014/07/19877.php

See Also:

Part Two:

See my 10 point summary of my efforts to survive fbi clandestine assaults and at the same time my victory over the world's most heinous assassins in fbi/cia.

1) Government thugs create fictional criminals for profit & personal enrichment of CJS members:
All the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage the crimes... committed against them and others by their tormentors. MENNINGER Government thugs, their murderous operatives and other dirty assets routinely engage in crimes against their targets 24/7 for a lifetime. http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v194/__show_article/_a000194-000189.htm
Affidavit on the total corruption and criminal minds of all government cops at every level: http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v194/__show_article/_a000194-000570.htm

2) All that was won by all the wars from civil war, ww1, ww2, kor, vn, middle east to current fbi/cia/dod covert war is lost, diminished, corrupted, and nullified by the traitorous murderers of today's fbi, cia, dod who torture, imprison, for...ce suicide , assassinate (including via mass murders) and otherwise engage in crimes against humanity in pursuit of world inhumane domination. The human monsters whom this nation claimed to fight against are duplicated in today's fbi/cia/dod/nsa/police/operatives and their supporters/apologists.


3) The low nature and hideous character of torturers: http://barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2011/10/living-dead-frightful-lot.html?m=1

4) Listen up United States Army because your dirty secrets in treasonous support of this overthrown government are now open for public review.


West Point Fools:

5) 'My review' of the fbi history book which challenges the underlying premise of the records delivered by the fbi assassins for publication.


6) No more heinous cowards are hatched & nourished in usa than the clandestine assassins of fbi / cia.


7) Geral Sosbee, held POW by fbi assassins/traitors:and by the *United States Army.


8) I extend my best wishes to the people of Viet Nam.


9) Regarding the United States Postal Inspector and their crime spree with fbi:

10) Introducing the federal burro of investigation ( fbi) : I discovered from inside the beast (and after my exit) that the fbi is this nation's most murderous & evil group of thugs. http://m.seekingalpha.com/instablog/436163-geral-sosbee/192...9821-public-notice-attributed-to-and-owned-by-the-fbi

Today my life is dedicated to peaceful and passionate verbal assaults on the corrupt regime that has overthrown the legitimate government of USA by force, torture, murder, threat of violence, blackmail and other atrocities which I chronicle throughout my site at


Conclusion: United States of America's decades long and extreme prejudice against combat veteran Geral Sosbee for his dissemination of atrocities by fbi/cia/nsa:



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