No New Mines in the Tarkine

As Launceston awakes this morning, a clear message to Heritage List the Tarkine will resonate throughout the city.

Members of the group Groundswell have hung large banners in prominent locations in and around Launceston to highlight that Tasmanians will not allow the Tarkine to be mined.

On the corner of Tamar and Cimitiere Street in Launceston’s CBD, high up on the red gasworks framework, a message to the Federal environment minister Tony Burke reads: “TARKINE HERITAGE LISTING”.

Other banners reading “Tarkine No New Mines” have been positioned along the busy highways coming into Launceston and off a multistorey carpark.

“Tony Burke and the Gillard Government must nominate the Tarkine rainforest for heritage listing NOW – Burke is sitting on the proposal to protect the Tarkine for its multiple world heritage values - but is clearly stalling in order to allow more of the 58 proposed mining licences to be granted”. Said Spokesperson Dr Lisa Searle.

"Even if the Tarkine is granted heritage listing, the six permits already granted are able to commence. Mining company Venture Minerals already holds three of these licenses, and their mining operations are set to commence within the next few months." Dr Searle said.

“The Venture site at Riley Creek is located 10km from Mt Lindsay – Venture’s flagship mine site. The Riley Creek catchment will be logged by Forestry Tasmania – a massive 118 hectares of diverse wilderness. The immediate area contains old growth myrtle rainforest, independently verified high conservation value tall eucalypt forest, DFTD - free Tasmanian devil habitat and pristine waterways. The area will be cleared of all vegetation and strip mined for an iron ore, to be shipped off and processed outside of Tasmania.”Said Dr Searle.

The Riley Creek project, located a few kilometres west of Tullah, is the initial mine lease for Venture Minerals which will then fund the Mt Livingstone mine and the flagship project Mt Lindsay mine.

“We will continue to stand up for places such as the Tarkine that have no voice, and that are worth saving for their environmental values and for future generations.” Said Spokesperson Dr Lisa Searle.


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