A Review of fbi Atrocities


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A Review of fbi Atrocities, August 13, 2020 
by gsosbee

Friday, 14th August 2020
August 31, 2020

geral sosbee vs. fbi assassins

The purpose of this paper is to present evidence of horrific torture, both mental and physical, by the fbi on me, ex fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE.

I particularly focus on recent events as a Target (T) of fbi torture & death squad and on the dangers I face. Other Targets report similar assaults.

Doctors & dentists & their assistants in furtherance of fbi efforts to kill me actually act upon fbi's fraudulent character assassination program by torturing and abusing me when I visit their offices for professional services.

For decades I have tried to file reports on this subject and often the fbi prevents me from doing so. For example, the fbi destroys any computer that I buy; so I use the public library. The libraries at Brownsville, Mcallen and Mission, Texas have assisted the fbi in harassing me every time I enter. I notified the city council in Mcallen & Mission, and some of the harassment by staff and security guards stopped. The library at UTHSC, Harlingen Texas, allowed the police there to threaten me and allowed thugs to enter the library to harass me.

The related topic of psychoelectronic assaults (assaults) is important because the fbi operative who uses it on me is anonymous and because the high technology itself is based in deep space and is invisible. Such assaults are often referred to as Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and Extremely Low Frequency Sound Waves (ELF). So, the fbi can simply deny all allegations of torture and fraudulently label their victims as paranoid. fbi's DEW has destroyed my hearing, much of my short term memory and now threatens to induce dimentia.

For decades the fbi has delivered assaults on me everywhere 24/7/365, but over the past year the assaults have become extremely painful and difficult to tolerate. Presently, I am kept awake all night, every night for a year and I am allowed by the fbi to have 2-4 hours of micro sleep (no REM sleep is allowed).

I have noticed that the fbi last night also plays a mind game on this T as follows: At about 5 am the ELF assault is reduced to make me very sleepy; then as I cannot keep my eyes open, I lay down, expecting the fbi to immediately increase the assaults, but they do not. So, I doze for about 1 ½ hours. Then the fbi increases the intensity of the ELF assaults and I am not able to sleep even by micro sleep. fbi's DEW has destroyed my hearing, much of my short term memory and now threatens to induce dimentia.

I speculate that this is an intentional mind game on me, as I am desperate for sleep, and the fbi sends messages to me online to “kill yourself geral sosbee”.


For some of the types & effects of fbi’s high tech weaponry see the following link; Note that the fbi uses against me many of the weapons shown here:



I often experience dramatic and dangerous spikes in blood pressure and pulse rate and on one occasion I thought that I was having a heart attack. I advised my wife that if I have a heart attack, do not send me to the hospital.


In addition to the assaults by DEW and ELF, the fbi often vandalizes my car and my home; regularly the fbi sends men and women to assault and battery me to add stress and to provoke me. I have never been accused of a crime and the only defense I have is to write reports such as this one. A few individuals anonymously express support for me and I am heartened thereby.

I believe that the USA is in serious peril due to the evil activities of the fbi and due to the corruption of Congress and the Courts. The fbi controls federal judges en queue, especially federal magistrate judges who apparently authorize fbi to torture and kill this activist.


Thank you kindly.




I am grateful to RAMOLA D. and BARBARA HARTWELL for their support and inspirational work.





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