Four more years of same old


So Barack Obama won a second term as US president earlier in the week, and there really isn't anything positive to say about that.

News just in, about half of the citizens of the worlds largest super power have voted and it appears that the candidate who represents US corporate interests and endless war has been narrowly defeated in favour of the other candidate representing corporate interests and endless war. Phew, that was close!

Four more years of war; another four years of increased inequality; and four years of environmental destruction.

But then I remembered former ACT party vice-president Trevor Loudon, who has dedicated his life to trying to get rid of Obama - and he obviously failed.

Loudon, a right-winger from Christchurch who is into Zenith Applied Philosophy, has spent many years collecting the literature of 'the enemy'. His archive on NZ's radical left is certainly extensive. So, as you do, he started a blog profiling the other side. "Socialism, is in short a manifestation of mental illness or major character deficiency" he wrote. Once he was done with NZ lefties (which didn't take long), he committed himself full-time to exposing Obama's ties to radical lefties. Try this: Obama's second cousin once removed had a dog, whose previous owner's neighbour was once seen walking down a street where 24 years earlier a well-known communist sold newspapers.

He then spent every day exposing THE TRUTH on his blog, wrote books, went on speaking tours across the USA addressing Tea Party meetings - and after all that work, Obama - the dirty communist - won again. So to know that the thousands of hours Trevor Loudon spent on all of this amounted to nothing is the only positive aspect of four more years of same old, same old.


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