DLANZ Disabled and Kauri Issues Volume 5 NZ Election 2014…, it’s Alive


Kia Ora everybody here is DLANZ Regular summary of Items posted and an observation of an important seat in upcoming NZ Election 2014. Tamaki Makarau / Auckland Maori...A Tale of 2 MP's?

NZ Election 2014. Tamaki Makarau / Auckland Maori. A Tale of 2 MP's?

To quote a Maori proverb: Ka Pu Te ruha ka hau Te Rangatahi which paraphrased means, its time to cast out the new net and retire the old (Reeds Dictionary Reo / English 1997). Quite frankly, I have felt for a long time that Tamaki Makaurau needed a fresh start,

Following the let downs of previous parties while DLANZ agreed with TV1′s Corrin Dann that, examples of Shane Jones retirement, Seabed and Foreshore, over 250 thousand kid in poverty and the expulsion of innocent tenants from Glen Innes, this would be a blow to Labour, I don’t agree that it is a blow to The Left’….an altogether misappropriated and misused term…in my opinion

Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ believes “Te Whakaputunga” (Declaration of Independence 1835 and Law of the Sea), mo Te Triti (1840 Waitangi’s February 500 signed), are the founding documents of this special relationship. We believe Whakanui Oranga (The NZ Disability Strategy 2001) will be pivotal to ensure its implementation

If we want Positive Change, and Disabled / Nga Hauaa, as like others require the same, then ‘smart voting’ is a key (pardon the pub). Maori are up to their necks in institutional racism as like our Tracey McIntosh / Tuhoe, is copping over Nga Pae o te Maramatanga and the monolithic and ‘Pakeha’ frameworks of Steven Joyce, ‘Peter’ Sharples .and even Tariana Turia herself.

“Tāmaki Makaurau is an urban Auckland Maori electorate that appears to be wide open. It is currently held by the retiring Pita Sharples, with the Māori Party selecting Rangi McLean as its new candidate.”

While I have great respect for Rangi McLean NZ Maori Party, it is obvious that it still will ‘be the same…steady as she goes’ attitude, which nobody wants. Marama Davidson from the NZ Green, already at No. 15 List, would be a most appropriate and well respected new Electorate MP, for a seat that had been badly let down by current and former MP’s. Her Whakapapa and her many good works in the same community is noted, and has been given just recognition by Media outlets, and even the likes of Shane Jones himself

However / Engarei there is also the possibility of smart voting, where Maori can further two MP’s with one vote each way. The key is that they can both work together, I believe the Greens have a great opportunity to increase heir political presence if they can regain an electoral seat. Under a NZ Maori coalition with National will not save Nga Pae o te Maramatanga having to waste important time and monies, looking for ‘Funding’ for their academic future.

Noting that a lot of staff and students, past and present, live within this electorate, their own personal / Whanau would appreciate a commitment which I understand has been given by opposition political parties. .still a few unresolved issues between Disabled and Greens, plus the historical decade of duplicity Disabled had under Labour.

For those who live with disabilities, this is why its so important these parties like Green, Mana-Internet, work with NZ Disability Strategy…from Cabinet to Kitchen table…As DLANZ wrote…..Ignorance is not excusable for systemic Indifference…..if we are to beat the John Key….Do it together

Is it time for a change from the tweedle dee and tweedle dum ideologies of ‘Te Ao Rawa / Material World politics of both National and Labour? I agree with the comments below and feel change is near….Kia ora Tataou

“Labour have made a mess of its selection. Shane Taurimu was ruled out by head officer after a messy extended selection period and it was confirmed yesterday that another high profile prospect for the electorate, Julian Wilcox, was a non-starter…, this would help a lot in achieving a second level status as a party – possibly alongside Labour on equal enough terms to promote their own agenda. And it would significantly reduce the chances of Labour sidelining them again when it comes to coalition negotiations”.

Both quotes from Blog ‘YOUR NZ – Reason, Reasonable, Robust’ article Will Greens target Tāmaki Makaurau? http://yournz.org/2014/05/20/will-greens-target-tamaki-makaurau/

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