Drone hits National party conference, dead everywhere


People opposing New Zealand´s involvement in the so-called "drone wars" staged a die-in complete with a large predator drone outside the National Party Conference at Michael Fowler Centre during John Key´s closing speech Sunday.

Motivated by the Prime Minister´s recent comments that he is "quite comfortable" to provide GCSB assistance to the US to murder "bad people" and his absurd comment that he thought it was legitimate to "prosecute" New Zealand citizens and others with Hellfire missiles, OASIS took the "dirty wars" to the doors of the National Party.

At the conference, a symbolic drone will strike down those who are "targeted" as well as bystanders.

"Just like real drones, this one produced plenty of collateral damage," said Valerie Morse, member of OASIS. "When John Key says he is comfortable with drone strikes, he is really saying he is comfortable with extra-judicial assassinations, because that is what they are."

"New Zealand is complicit in the US´s dirty wars around the globe. Through our involvement in the Five Eyes, information gathered by the GCSB is shared with the NSA."

"The US is waging an undeclared war in countries like Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and probably soon Iraq."

"The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been given a free reign to kill any target that it believes to be a possible threat to US security, without any accountability or control."

"Since Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama has taken office, more than 2600 people have been killed in more than 400 drone strikes. Is that really something anyone can be comfortable with?"

"New Zealand must leave the Five Eyes club and the GCSB must be dismantled."

For more info visit: oasisfromsurveillance.blogspot.com


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