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Just got back from a good little demo outside the National party conference.

About thirty five mostly young people in bloodstained clothes lay down and "died"

on the driveway at the Michael Fowler centre.

Above them, on a big speaker stand, was an almost lifesize USA drone. Like the one Johhny defends.

Made of cardboard but shaped and painted to look very real and menacing.

The action was timed to coincide with Key's main speech.

While the "dead" lay, for nearly an hour, one of us spoke to passers by and others gave out leaflets. The flyer included a page listing names and ages of some

of those people under 20 years old killed in drone attacks.

Not a big protest, but one making an urgent point, will also produce some dramatic images for further anti imperialist agitation.

Big ups to those who made the drone, did the organising and lay still on the cold concrete.

Pictures later.


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