PAAP takes on Nats


Poneke Action Against Poverty took on the National Party party tonight

Members of the newly formed Poneke Action Against Poverty and many others got out onto the streets tonight to protest at the national party's big shindig at Te Papa.

While newly formed, PAAP managed to get a good crowd and lots of energy for harassing the 'filthy Tories.'

One person on their way to the protest stopped at the service station across the street and bumped into a couple of National Party supporters who were surprised a protest was happening. When questioned about deep sea drilling in a marine sanctuary, they said it was absolutely fine and that the dolphin was at no risk. When asked about supporting drone strikes, and prosecuting people with missiles, the man just replied 'Get on the bus, or get left behind.' I guess that is what passes for debate with the Nats.

Given that the Nats are on about 49%, they are certainly feeling pretty smug. Too bad they haven't the common decency to see what poverty really looks like in this country now - like this headline story on the Herald about a newborn baby and mother living in a car.


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