fbi atrocities unveiled


fbi repeatedly deletes this report.

** fbi atrocities unveiled **
per geral sosbee

Important report to world on fbi threats to all.

Evidence of fbi Atrocities Unveiled
by gsosbee
Sunday, 17th May 2020
geral sosbee vs fbi assassins

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This report demands world attention for unprecedented fbi torture & kill methods. I am a material witness to & victim of these fbi crimes.
Evidence of fbi Atrocities Unveiled

Notice of my Gratitude (for their support) is hereby offered to the splendid RAMOLA D. & TO THE WONDERFUL BARBARA HARTWELL, and to ISRAEL GOYA on Twitter. Also, I thank the leaders at Academia.edu for allowing me to post there, even after several hackings of my account by the fbi.

From fbi history book:

All references below to my ‘site’ are to

***From the time that I began practicing law in El Paso in 1983, the fbi began an intense counterintelligence operation against me in efforts to prevent my success. At the time I was not yet aware of the more sinister fbi plan against me.*

Since that time, the fbi has tried all kinds of maneuvers to prevent me from publishing my reports. Today, sleep deprivation and assaults by thugs and by librarians are the main sources of interference.**

I suspect that the fbi uses many veterans in the fbi human experimentation program. My Army records:



For about 5 years in El Paso I was subjected to extensive assaults by my colleagues and by high tech, invisible energy via the electromagnetic spectrum.

As an associate city judge, teacher and attorney, I began to pay close attention to verbal assaults on me by other attorneys and judges.

***I have learned that the fbi uses their Targets in a government wide human experimentation program which is at once inhumane and secretive. The program provides fbi,cia,nsa and other groups with raw data collected from observation of a Target under attack.*

The attacks are by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and Extremely Low Frequency Sound Waves (ELF), causing multiple life threatening symptoms. Another symptom from the ELF is loss of hearing.**

For additional background data on my experiences see my site, especially

MY STORY IN DETAIL, SWORN AFFIDAVITS 2007 & 2014, WRIT, and my reports on UT police, San Antonio and Harlingen, Texas, in concert with fbi thugs and their operatives such as Alonzo Yanez, police Adrian Posada, et al.

See also the links below from my Twitter posts for my recent discoveries regarding fbi plots against me and others:

Remembering 2 fbi Targets, Arron Alexis & Myron May:


fbi feeds their mind manipulation, fraudulent & unflattering data into *fusion centers ag/Targets who 'don't have a chance' in life.


***fbi uses high technology & low minded thugs.1-11-20 .*

See link above.**
In order to drive a fbi Target to distraction, the fbi uses secret DEW and ELF, etc.,which fbi denies everywhere. Mission Police report #20-771


For more on my experiences in El Paso see:


*Fusion Centers:



Psychotronic Brain Manipulation From a Distance - Patented Mind Control Technology


***Thoughts of fbi Targets are monitored/influenced & interpreted by fbi psychopaths, serial killers & torturers*


The mind control technology used by the fbi on Targets breaks them down mentally and physically, little by little. The technology allows the fbi to monitor neural & brain responses to electronic assaults, including ‘voice to skull’, & DEW and ELF.

***The fbi has the opportunity via surveillance 24/7/365 in home & car, etc., to monitor the Target’s responses to the torture, to view electronic print outs of brain activity and to send subliminal suggestions to the Target as the fbi deem appropriate for mind control experimentation purposes.*

Forced final exits and mental illness are expected by the fbi in their Targets. See the reports above on Arron Alexis and Myron May.**

These discoveries by me are confirmed by many other Targets online and should cause universal condemnation because all people in the world are in a sense prisoners of the unconscionable crimes that I and others document.




CDC recieives questions re:
fbi criminal abuse of 'global disease surveillance system' as I document. Then CDC studies my reports.

surveillance systems. • Goals of an epidemiologic investigation include: • Stopping the spread of disease determine causative agent ..."


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