Mark Makes Syria

Kiwi Jihadi crosses Turkish border into Syria

Kiwi Jihadi Mark Taylor crossed the Turkish border to “help his Syrian brothers”. Mark said “I’m on a one way trip, now I’m in Syria, I don’t need a NZ passport anymore”. Carrying a bag with little more than some mountain gear, he evaded Turkish authorities, saying “it was easy on foot, just a few small hills, along the coastline,” and he was in Syria. Sending messages through WhatsApp, Mark sends updates of his current situation and location. Saying the nearest town is Samandag on the coast.

Previously Mark was teaching English in Indonesia. However, he said that he had had enough of Indonesia and needed to migrate to “true Muslim lands”. Mark migrated to Indonesia in May 2012. Unfortunately, after an unsuccessful marriage, he decided to travel to Syria. Leaving Jakarta on the 10th of June and finally managing to arrive in Syria around three in the morning on the 14th of June, after a brief run in with Turkish authorities.


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