How fbi destroys people


fbi deletes this report.

Fertile Ground To Study How fbi Destroys People

by gsosbee

Tuesday, 13th August 2019


geral sosbee vs fbi assassins

Blackmail, forced suicide, and other inhumane methods by which fbi/cia seeks to control the destiny of man are suggested here.

My observations on how the fbi forces fear on everyone, or at least encourages all people to accept fbi authority. fbi can make anyone neurotic by torture/taking over one's life & twisting one's perception of reality PhDs in psychology do not study this phenomenon due to fear of fbi.

If fbi Targets you for torture & elimination, you are soon to notice unusual behavior patterns that fbi uses to fraudulently define you . fbi takes raw data from their fraudulently manufactured files to a federal judge who prepares a case for incarceration.

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