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fbi deletes this post.

From Success To Failure (self.gsosbee)
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From Success To Extreme Failure With the fbi 'click of a mouse' is my description of horrendous life forced on me by fbi.
From Success To Extreme Failure With the fbi 'click of a mouse'

For 7.5 years the fbi recognized my work as a Special Agent with fbi, granting promotions, commendations & awards. Then, in retaliation for whistleblowing, all of a sudden the fbi became homicidal maniacs against me: Attempts on my life, threats, torture and an unending crime spree by fbi assassins against me are described in many of my posts online (many such posts are hacked & deleted by fbi).

Some of my recent posts:

Older log at:

All police refuse to investigate crimes against me and my wife & property. Even when the suspect admits to crimes police and prosecutors falsify records and abandon me to the fbi 'hounds from hell'.

Today, the fbi incapacitates me 18 hours per day by keeping me awake with DEW & ELF sleep deprivation technology. Many other fbi Targets (my friends) report similar assaults.

Additionally, fbi sends armed hoodlums into my neighborhood where they and psychopathic neighbors regularly launch provocative terrorists maneuvers on me, my wife, and my property.

Due to fbi Fusion Centers protocol, all police take no steps to stop the terror games.

So, in effect, I am not considered a US citizen by fbi whose agents & operatives treat me worse than an experimental dog. Many other Targets report similar treatment.

Now, fbi bans me from publishing at FACEBOOK and most Indymedia groups. The only Indymedia group who allow me to publish is New Zealand Indymedia. Thank you New Zealand Indymedia.

What can be done to stop fbi/cia from their inhumane, murderous and ungodly rule over mankind on earth. I have no answer to the question , especially as fbi looks for any basis to arrest and imprison or kill me.

May Providence provide aid and comfort to all Targets of fbi atrocities such as torture and dehumanizing psychological operations, including visiting upon Targets a state of dementia via deep space based military weaponry.

God Speed To My Fellow Targets In Coping With The Horrors Of fbi & Their Federal Judges Who Are In Reality All Human Monsters


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