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My awakening to the nightmare imposed by fbi on Targets gives impetuous to the best within me.

*The tied hands of brave, honorable men vs cowardly murderers employed by the government*

*So, a group of government thugs led by fbi are paid to torture, wrongly imprison, force suicide and murder our very best, most productive and creative citizens. These Targets of fbi death squads don't have a chance against invisible and corrupt secret orders issued by insane federal magistrate judges who authorize fbi to use cruel, secret, space based weaponry & psychological attacks to drive the Target to neuroses and beyond.*

***As one such Target, I prove by my life's work that I, as most other Targets, struggled through work and study to climb out of the poverty that I was born into. And now I see that the hoodlums who are rewarded for torture & murder are failures in the basic endeavors of mankind: to not engage in activity/employment that is against the dignity of man and against the peace of society ( EG: fbi attacks on Myron May and Aaron Alexis).*


*These serial killers working as stalkers & perpetrators of felonies against our best people are empowered by fbi and their recruits to commit crimes against humanity with complete impunity. No one is brave enough to stop fbi/MAFIA, except us, the Targets.*

*Do I make myself clear?*



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