Present Situation


The current unconscionable activities by fbi et al demands attention of all persons.

Present Situation:

USA uses secret technology as weapons to torture, maim, force suicide and *murder people everywhere. fbi & federal magistrate judges spearhead this global assault on our fellow earthlings which includes horrendous psychological attacks on the sanity of Targets and assaults by DEW AND ELF space based, invisible weaponry (including voice to skull and mind programming directives).

The general population does not generally question the crimes committed against humanity which are the topic of intense discussions on many social media.

Yet, fbi and their police underlings continue to murder citizens, veterans and residents at will and with almost total impunity. Recently, I documented an instance of Texas State licensing of a fbi operative
/apparent assassin to openly carry and brandish a firearm close to my home in effort to threaten me. See Mission Texas Police Report #19-14961. I also asked Texas DPS to revoke the license, but without success.

Clearly, most Americans do not know what this government is doing, nor do they care about atrocities committed secretly in the name of USA which is allowed to remove & to destroy people & governments at will.

The fbi, cia,nsa, etc. are psychopaths let loose by Congress and SCOTUS on the world with no monitoring and no supervision. Many Targets of this sorry state of affairs do care and, even while under attack, the Targets courageously
confront the villains when possible.

The popular media hides this data, while the public is content to watch absurd productions on t.v., including fake news, song & dance minucia , and a variety of inconsequential trivia.

The attorneys for the state are successful in controlling all attorneys to prevent public disclosure of fbi atrocities which are more egregious daily by the effects of fbi fusion centers globally. No discussion is allowed on public forums regarding these crimes, even though no more compelling issues face mankind .

I advise the fools in Congress and SCOTUS to pay attention here because you are setting us up for failure, suffering and defeat.


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I consider forced suicide to be murder.

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