To Be Clear: fbi/judges are cowards


The fbi thugs who have by terrorist schemes overthrown the legitimate government here in USA are COWARDS .

To make clear: fbi Special Agents, operatives, thugs, punks & assassins, together with federal judges, are super charged C O W A R D S.
They send women, children and armed half wits to assault, threaten and try to kill this Target.

The fbi often watches as their victims take their own lives.

Police and prosecutors ignore all crimes against me.

They poison me and experiment on my body with chemical cocktails, and they attack with invisible weaponry based in deep space. They also execute an assassination attempt while I lay unconscious in hospital following surgery for a war related injury. fbi never stop their psychological war on me (and other Targets) which includes sneaky home/car invasions, gaslighting , and selective destruction of property.

These are the tyrants who pretend to defend USA. They fail and the foolish citizenry ignore the evidence everywhere of fbi incompetence, cowardice and treason.

Their sport is calumny.

The fbi and their supporters, including quislings in Congress, SCOTUS and the entire judiciary, should be tried for war crimes.

*I defeat the fbi and federal judge accomplices by thwarting their evil intent. *


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