Truth of fbi vs. fiction


See this report and discover why most people deny the horror of the real fbi in favor of the false fbi presented almost everywhere

Few people comprehend the depth of fbi evil, criminality, treachery, cowardice and insanity. I am one such person and my extensive documentaries tell of a world of deceit and betrayal by fbi that no one wants to believe, nor to verify.

The reality and truth of fbi corruption is cloaked behind a wall that is almost impenetrable; and behind the wall is a parallel fbi whose wickedness is opposite the popular image of fbi which media, Congress, courts et al pretend exist.

Remove that cloak to discover why I remark that USA is dead, that all Targets and prisoners (in jail & mental wards) must be freed, that fbi must be destroyed and that all fbi agents & operatives/informants/street thugs/assassins must stand trial for crimes against humanity.

See my statements on the urgent need for a new Nuremberg type trial to include so many high profile persons that our country would need reformation if such trial be held .

See my reports at the following link, if the reader dare see truth hiding just few inches behind the cloak.

The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” –
“ George Orwell


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