Silencing critics and ignoring the law – the Adani story


From GetUp! - Adani has been caught red-handed undertaking illegal works at its mine site... again.1 Explosive drone footage reveals they've conducted serious land clearing activity in brazen defiance of their permits.

Nine months ago, we revealed Adani had been illegally drilling into Queensland's precious groundwater.2 To this day, they are still under investigation.

But Adani hasn't learned its lesson. If anything, the company has become more brazen in its attempts to bully its way to profit.

After the Coalition's shock election victory, and some furious cheerleading from the Murdoch press, they're hoping we go quiet, roll over and let them wreak havoc on the climate, groundwater and the lands of Traditional Owners.

As always, they are trying to silence voices, including an unprecedented intervention earlier this week to shut down a negative story from the ABC.

But we won't let them. We never will. Which is why the first thing I need you to do is share this story right now.

From the very start, Adani has been determined to shut down every critical voice it comes across. It even says so in its leaked legal strategy.3

Last week, Adani learned the ABC was going to run a negative story questioning the viability of the mine and intervened with the ABC's senior executives.4 The story never made it to broadcast.

We're in unprecedented times. Twice this week the Government has conducted extraordinary raids on journalists who have written stories it didn't like.

Government and big corporations like Adani are sending a clear message. Sit down. Shut up. Stop writing stories we don't like.

So just like we do every time Adani wants to hide something. Every time they want to make the truth disappear. We're here, ready to get the word out.

Please share the news of Adani's illegal works right now.

I won't lie, it's been a pretty rough few weeks, both for the climate and for the campaign to keep the massive Galilee Basin carbon bomb from devastating our climate.

We're spending some time digging deep, searching our souls and asking the hard questions. We're listening, we're reflecting on what we could have done differently. And most importantly, we're working out a strategy to win. Things are different to how we hoped they would be after the election, but two things haven't changed.

Adani is still a law-breaking behemoth trying to bully and intimidate its way to a climate disaster.

We won't give up.

Yours in strength and determination,

Sam R, Tessa and Charlie, for the GetUp team

P.S – Following yesterday's unprecedented, undemocratic raids on ABC headquarters, we launched a petition calling for a Media Freedom Act. We must stand together to protect journalists, ensure freedom of the press and to hold those in power accountable. You can sign it here.

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[2] Adani groundwater bores investigated amid claims they were sunk without approval, ABC News, 9 December 2018.
[3] Adani's new law firm put forward 'trained attack dog' strategy for waging legal 'war', ABC News, 19 February 2019
[4] Aunty bows to Adani, ABC News, 3 June 2019.


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