Fighting War: Anarchists, Wobblies & the New Zealand State 1905-1925


New article on anarchist & IWW resistance to militarism in New Zealand.

With WW100 upon us I thought I'd share my latest text _Fighting War: Anarchists, Wobblies and the New Zealand State 1905-192_5, which is now online:

You can also download it as an A4 PDF here:

This article is adapted and updated from a number of recent talks of mine, and past work. It highlights the anti-war agitation of anarchists and the Industrial Workers of the World based in New Zealand during the period before, during and after the First World War.

Much of this activity was centred on the distribution of radical literature–‘mental dynamite’ in the form of penny pamphlets, newspapers, and other ephemera. Ports and postboxes became the battleground for an intense cultural struggle—a struggle that questioned the war, the nature of work, and authority itself. This battle for minds had material results. Intense state surveillance and a raft of legislation not only determined who could read what, but led to jail time or deportation from the country.

Feel free to share, copy and use as you feel fit.


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