TAFA stands with the migrant community against racism.


Tamaki Anti-Fascist Action condemns racially motivated violence in Tamaki Makaurau/ Auckland. Racism will not be tollerated.

Tamaki anti fascist action is disgusted by the racist violence in Auckland which occured in Sandringham on Monday the 3rd of June. To hear of a brazen act of racially motivated violence is horrible, and it is not the culture we intend for Aotearoa. New Zealand has a problem of undealt with racism due to colonisation which still affects the mentality and cultural assumptions of many. Especially in the shaddow of the March 15 attack, white supremacists must be stopped.

We as a community of diverse and loving people will not tolerate racism or racial violence in Tamaki Makaurau. People in Aotearoa, and everywhere in the world, should be free to live without fear. Racists who hold hateful views should be the ones afraid, because their racism is hurtful, unacceptable and based of ignorant fear. Auckland streets must be safe for all people. Tamaki Anti-Fascist Action stands in solidarity with the migrant community of Tamaki Makaurau. Racism will not be tollerated.



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Followed by another racist incident in Auckland today:
Woman in headscarf told to 'go back to your own country' in aggressive incident in New Lynn

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