Intimations of Support


* Nine years ago I received messages of support which I still welcome today from federal courts.

Evidence of support from federal courts

Nine years ago I received notices from 2 U.S. District Courts regarding my efforts to find a 'remedy' for the overthrow of this government by fbi/cia. The notices are located within the site meter images shown in the following link:

5 years after the 2 federal courts highlighted my work in 'Remedies', the United States Federal District Court for the Southern District of Texas *admitted me as a member of the Bar of that court which is in Houston and which includes all of RGV Texas.

I consider the judges in these 2 courts (Houston & Jacksonville) as patriots who understand that fbi assassins and traitors have a stranglehold on the entire judiciary, Congress and the Executive branch (& all departments of government).

Evidence of such support is growing as I and many other Targets continue to report examples of crimes against humanity committed by fbi and their friends, including cover ups by fusion centers across the nation.

Here is my previous post on this subject:

Unexpectedly Sosbee receives two messages of support from the United States District Courts (shown in the site meter images...) for Sosbee's excellent work in "Remedies" against the assassins of the fbi/cia/doj


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