Russian nuclear threat?

Report of and comment about a Russian news presenter bragging about Russia's nuclear weapon capabilities.

05 May, 2014

Did you catch the reference to a Russian TV presenter bragging about Russia’s nuclear arsenal a few weeks ago? Dmitry Kiselyov, a leading TV personality on state-controlled Rossiya 1 television said, "Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," while discussing Crimea. Crimea had taken centre stage at the recent summit meeting on shoring up international security systems around fissile materials (Nuclear Security Summit – NSS – a response to the threat of ‘nuclear terrorism’).

Kiselyov’s comment should remind us that the larger threat to civilization is the actual nuclear arsenals of the nuclear weapons states much more than a potential terrorist threat. The notion of ‘nuclear deterrence’ is still hanging around decades after being shown to be a figment of our collective insanity. Russia and the US both have tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, enough to destroy civilization several times over. Why? Because they want to cling to the insanity of nuclear deterrence? New Zealand should avoid any military cooperation with Russia, USA, or other nuclear state as a sign that we demand sanity to be given a chance.


Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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