DLANZ Sports Desk from Snooker and Sochi to Soccer We're on the Ball

Disabled deserve better Media and Sports Coverage....If advertisers and corporate boards are requiring medals in broadcasted sports, then it should start to look at Disabled Winter and Summer Olympics.

Firstly / Tuatahi: Good hard game by the NZ’s Rugby League Team in their ANZAC Test with our ‘rivals’ The Australian Kangaroos. After the World Cup Final, combined with a heavy laden injured list, many commentators thought this game would see Aotearoa’s Kiwis get a drubbing. Not to be, as the saying goes and in particular the 1st half gave many of the Aussies a real scare. I enjoyed watching some great ties scored by both teams and it showed the gustiness of both countries’ determination to succeed.

A key for me (pardon the pun) was to glimpse an ever growing ground swell of younger Kiwis players in the NRL sides and this gives me some confidence that a good game of footy will show a reverse of the 5 tries to 3 ratio, which continues to dog our performance, no matter how many generations of outstanding players and coaches up to Stephen Kearney and his young team…….Good luck / Kia Kaha for the upcoming 4 Nation Series lads.

Sochi 2014 and other’s…..Disabled deserve better Media and Sports Coverage
As like 2010 and never mind the media hype, but once again, it was the disabled athletes and not the able bodied / maaroherohe that came home with the medals. While not detracting from the efforts of all, I feel its high time Disabled Sports were given its due by the media with more news coverage as Sports and not ‘Interest’ stories ‘of crips having a go’ attitude, that while diminishing, is still prevalent

DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ (DLANZ) totally support the growth of sport for the younger generation, with and without disabilities and look forward to more television coverage of such events that include Disabled. Who couldn’t forget when Adam Hall won the Gold / Slalom in 2010? All Kiwis’ should remember all our Champions.

If advertisers and corporate boards are requiring medals in broadcasted sports, then it should start to look at Disabled Winter and Summer Olympics. At a spectator level; seeing that young Adam fall over on his run; get up and go onto to win the Gold Medal, is truly inspirational.

Also, I watched TV Show ‘Attitude’ (TV 1 Sunday 4 May 5, 2014) about a lady who after a serious spinal injury, took up a keen interest in Wheelchair Rugby and found it to be both uplifting for her body and peace of mind. This essence is something to be encouraged to all as from my own experiences, growing up as a born disabled Physical / Hunga Hauaa Tinana gives valorization from a group setting, to aspects of self discipline for each and every individual.

Soccer and Other World Sports

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeding up on a feast of soccer since TV1 and Sommet started to open up viewing to the non-pay-per-view public, like myself, who have been virtually starved of football since the introduction of SKY TV back in the 1990’s.

Next month of course is World Cup, but what has been of more interest is; how are the sides with Kiwis getting on? Both English and Germen televised soccer now shows regular appearances of New Zealanders….West Ham United being the best noted, lead by Winston Reid and now 2 more sides (Leicester City and Burnley) joining the English Premier League (EPL)….plenty for us ‘couch experts’ to watch over. It will be great to see West Ham on their off-season visit to New Zealand, and hopefully, as like Rugby and League, we can see more Kiwis.

I have noticed that these European soccer and hockey professional leagues have a Women’s League, which also involves many kiwis, including Maori, and I ask; Why doesn’t TC cover these sports?.....If the sport is televised then it seems like a good idea too.

The World Snooker Championships is currently on television and I am always reminded that snooker was one of the more popular open grade games at the Paraplegic Games I used to attend. As I remember good sharks like Don Cardno of the Disabled ‘world’ were just as good as their able bodied peers and as like many other sports…..our value is just as important.

Finally, congratulations and shout out to; Lisa Carrington and All Black 7’s for both winning their World events and Sonny Bill Williams and his good lady, on getting married.


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