Urgent Action Alert - End NZ's military role in the Iraq war forever - Say No War on Iran


We need to end the deployment of NZ troops in Iraq - Auckland Peace Action ask people to email Winston Peters.

Dear Auckland Peace Action friends,

On 30 June 2019, New Zealand's deployment to Iraq is due to end. We want to make sure that happens. This current deployment of up to 121 soldiers has already been extended twice. It continues the little-known but 15-year-long New Zealand military deployment in Iraq. Recent revelations about the deployment suggest it has undergone significant changes expanding its original mandate into some questionable activities.

We are asking you to take action today as a decision will be taken in the next two weeks. Cabinet invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence to report back to Cabinet before the end of April 2019 on possible options for New Zealand contributions to Iraq from July 2019. We need you to tell this government to end NZ's military role in Iraq. We need you to tell this government that you do not support NZ troops being sent in support of future US wars of aggression - like the one they are planning starting with Iran.


We are targeting emails to Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters with this campaign because we think the call about the deployment sits with him. His NZ First member Ron Mark is the Minister of Defence - but as a former soldier, Ron Mark will be doing everything in his power to extend the NZ deployment another six months. Winston has the power to bring this deployment to an end.

The war in Iraq has been an unmitigated disaster: the slaughter of nearly a million people, the exposure of the population to depleted uranium, the devastation of Iraqi society and culture, & the creation of the Islamic State and Donald Trump. The US's war of aggression against the people of Iraq set in motion one of the greatest episodes of horror in modern times, one that is yet to end.

The US is now gearing up for a war against Iran. We must steadfastly refuse to have anything to do with another US war.

Please make your voice heard: Email Winston Peters today

Ngā mihi mahana,
Auckland Peace Action


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