Ignoble fbi and company


Let's now see the names & faces of all fbi agents, federal magistrate judges, operatives, etc., who torture, malign & murder fbi Targets.

Ignoble fbi & company

The most dangerous and evil people in our society hide their identities and murderous deeds, while subjecting their victims to torture, forced final exits, wrongful public humiliation and death.

** The identities of these fbi perpetrators & federal magistrate judges (as well as operatives, doctors , lawyers and members of the general population) must be made public and their unconscionable crimes revealed.**
I identified many of these terrible people in "My Story In Detail " and other sites.

This may never happen because of the social upheaval likely when people discover the hopeless depravity of civilization and the names of those who destroy our trust & of those responsible for descent of humanity into their macabre maelstrom.

** Nevertheless, all Targets of fbi assassins are among the most noble in the world and I distinguish them from the cowardly miscreants who kill them and who pretend to be civilized.**

Thank you.


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