Demand our leaders don’t ignore the Climate Emergency


By Grey Power Climate Protectors - We’re going to show Australian coal-loving politicians some real #GreyPower, keep the climate emergency and #StopAdani on the Federal election radar. We’ll help move votes in crucial marginal seats while we’re at it!

We’ll be taking ACTION in 3 marginal LNP electorates, Higgins, Brisbane and Kooyong.

We’ll also pressure political parties to disclose all their ministerial, staffer and party meetings with Adani and their lobbyists BEFORE people go to the polls.

They’ll never know where we turn up next!



Grey Power will be doing some bolder actions throughout the 50 days leading up to the election. These will be planned together with those interested.

Everywhere Trevor or Josh is, so are we….

If we learn that Trevor or Josh (or a visiting Cabinet minister) is out and about on any particular day, we want to be there, asking important questions and having a road-side presence with our safe climate message. For some strange reason nobody knows, this is commonly called Bird Dogging.

Rapid Response Team

We will have a Rapid Response Team that will be ‘on call’ to mobilise for tantalising Bird Dogging opportunities. Being on this team means you’ll receive a text message with action details, and if you are able, you then attend. The bigger this team, the bolder the Bird Dog!

Roadside Protest

We will have a visual presence during peak hour traffic outside of Trevor or Josh’s office, along with handing out flyers designed to move the votes of soft Liberal supporters.

Voter Engagement

We’ll be out and about in the Brisbane and Kooyong (Melbourne) electorates, with a visual roadside presence and handing out “Vote4Climate” flyers.

Phone Action

Come together with other Grey Power folk to make some calls to various electoral offices to have a ‘chat’ about our climate emergency.

To participate in the Challenge and to keep up to date with all #GreyPower opportunities, join our mailing list:

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Brisbane - Engaging soft-Liberal voters on Climate Change

Grey Power Climate Protectors have a flyer specifically designed to appeal to soft-Liberal voters, asking them to CHANGE THEIR VOTE over climate change inaction. We want to hand them out throughout the newly-marginal LNP-held seat of BRISBANE during the election but also at pre-poll and election day.

The CBD, Fortitude Valley and inner suburbs like Bowen Hills, Paddington, Spring Hill, Red Hill, Kelvin Grove, Windsor, Ashgrove, Ascot, Hamilton, New Farm, Albion, Clayfield, Alderley, Grange and more.

You can see a copy of the flyer at

Please contact with any questions.

Melbourne - Engaging soft-Liberal voters on Climate Change

"Grey Power Climate Protectors have a flyer specifically designed to appeal to soft-Liberal voters, asking them to CHANGE THEIR VOTE over climate change inaction. We will hand them out throughout the newly-marginal LNP-held seats of HIGGINS and KOOYONG leading up to the election, including pre-poll and election day."

Grey Power

The political, financial, or social influence of older people

We will inspire and train older Australians to take BOLD and creative nonviolent action to help change the politics of climate change for good.

Grey Nomads will become Green Nomads. We’ll organise #GreyPower blocs at the school strikes and bring the kids/grandkids with us. Politicians in marginal electorates will feel our presence day after day after day.

Our mission is to use our power to protect the climate now and for future generations and our #GreyPower uprising will demand the real change needed to address the climate emergency.

We are political but nonpartisan. We will target the political parties with the worst climate change policies the most, but will still push other parties to do better. We do not support or promote any political party."


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Grey power protesters stage Adani sit in outside the Brisbane headquarters of the Liberal National Party

Older voters opposed to Adani's Queensland coal mine have vowed to continue a protest in Brisbane until they're arrested.

Queensland grandmother Rae Sheridan has been arrested three times at protests demanding action on climate change.

If she has her way, it'll be four by the end of the day.

The 74-year-old is among a band of "grey power" activists who are staging a small but determined protest against Adani's proposed coal mine in outback Queensland.

They are incensed at the federal government's decision this week to approve the mine's groundwater management plan, one of the final approvals Adani needs to before it can start digging.

With deck chairs for comfort, and umbrellas for shade, the group is picketing the Brisbane headquarters of the Liberal National Party on Thursday.

And they've vowed to stay until they are arrested.

"(I'd) probably rather die in jail than in a nursing home," Ms Sheridan told AAP on Thursday.

"This issue is of such importance, because stopping Adani is a line in the sand for our relationship with coal. It has to stay in the ground ... New Zealand has done it, Australia can do it too."

Fellow protester Greg McLachlan says he was moved to take action after watching thousands of school students take to the streets across the globe, calling on governments to protect their futures.

"We should have done more, and we should be doing more," he told AAP, welling up with sadness.

"The future is their's, not ours, and we are letting them down."

Adani's Carmichael mine project is an issue because Queensland is one of the key states needed to win federal government.

It is popular in the state's central and northern regions, but could cost support among voters in inner-city seats who want more action on global warming.

Labor's environment spokesman Tony Burke says the prime minister called the election on Thursday to avoid Senate estimates hearings that would have seen the CSIRO grilled about the recent groundwater approval handed to Adani.

The hearings were promptly cancelled after Scott Morrison called the poll for May 18.

Adani's plan manage groundwater now needs state government approval so that it can start digging.

But Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's government says it won't be rushed into a decision to approve that plan, and another to manage the tiny and endangered black-throated finch.

Source AAP

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