DLANZ: Funding Cuts to Maori Research – A Big Mistake say Disabled.


Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga is due to have its funding cut by Tertiary Education Commission is a travesty for Maori and Science itself, DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ believe this decision due in 2015 must be stopped. A Political issue - Yes.

As like the situation with the NZ Maori Council and even the NZ Families Commission A Structural Agency, getting ‘a kick in the guts’, for doing its job and presenting research that, at times, contradict the philosophy of Governments of the Day. Also, this issue challenges the Scientific and Political bodies of how research and policies are being carried out, without genuine consultation.

Nga Pae o te Maramatanga (Centre of Excellence in Maori Research), came to The University of Auckland a decade, or so ago, and has been an instigator for research proposals where Maori take the lead. Maori education, language, history, economic, social and other sciences have had support, Maori Radio and Television always mentioned initiatives and scientific projects undertaken The criteria shows the requirement for ‘study’ to be of academic standards and also shows viability, be it through commercial or cultural ties which benefit science, including within the Disability sector..

I remember in 2009, then Joint Director Dr Tracey McIntosh (Ngai Tuhoe) ran an internationally acclaimed Symposium where it showed that across the realm of international colonization, it showed indigenous peoples were placed at the bottom of the demographic table. This research negated, in my opinion the current thinking within some scientific groups that behavior was linked to DNA and non social ideas about race and dependency…’If you’re not White, you’re not quite right’. Disabled for along time have been saying this of the same about Eugenics and Genocide in the ‘Pakeha’ system, and wittingly or not, these findings help the disability analogy of marginalization, alongside indigenous….For Disabled ‘White’ refers more for Able-bodied is just as dialectic.

Tracey and others like Anton Blanc have made further contributions to scientific and public policies of Child Poverty and Adult Education with Maori perspectives... The recent decision to cut funding is perhaps reflective of a Scientific body, constituting more Stakeholders from the Private Sector, as like Minister Steven Joyce and the thinking that it has to be economic drivers which determine the country’s destiny. Maori thinking focus more on revitalization of the land and its people.

Disabled Liberation has no real faith in scientific ideals and our involvement with Maori is not always harmonious, however DLANZ upholds that Maori like Disabled are not getting their voices listened to. In support for the Treaty of Waitangi and The New Zealand Disability Strategy DLANZ stands alongside Aotearoa NZ Under the special relationship between Maori and the Crown, there was supposed to have been a partnership at all levels of service delivery to promote the protection and improvement of Maori well-being .This decision needs to be reversed by Opposition parties following the next election.

Regards Doug Hay
DLANZ Coordinator


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