My symptoms of a heart attack


Fbi assassins continue & escalate attempts on my

DEW & ELF and my heart

On April 7 & 8 the fbi assassins attack me with the most intensive DEW &  ELF assaults to date. On a scale of 1-10 the assaults were a 10.

I experienced classic symptoms of a heart attack, including BP spike of 204/125, etc. The next morning the fbi sends me alarms by activating my car's electronics. Fbi also recently sends a thug to follow me into Wall Mart, to get my attention, to lightly pat his left center chest with his right hand and to exit the store in a cocky gait.

 During my crisis, I advised my wife that I believed that I was having a heart attack, that I loved her and that I refuse medical treatment for several reasons. Note that I am diagnosed with coronary artery disease and doctors advise me that I am a walking time bomb for a heart attack. When I explain incessant  DEW &  ELF assaults all doctors indicate that I am delusional.  The heart specialist even queried rhetorically, "why would the fbi do this to you?"

The symptoms of a coronary continued all night and I tried to rest. Tonight April 9, the symptoms are gone, but I expect they may return. As I type this, I feel nausea in my stomach. 

Each time I post a report online the fbi retaliates by extreme sleep deprivation. This has been going on for several years,  even as fbi thugs, police, prosecutors and federal magistrate judges ignore my reports of high crimes against me. 

So, I have exhausted all possible defenses against these  foolish and insane public servants. 

This post is not intended to evoke empathy, but is a documentary of fbi criminal insanity against me & other Targets.


April 11, 2019 just removed the block on my paper at

I now believe that 2 weeks after I wrote the above paper the fbi used microwave to induce heart attack, as described on this page.

In the evening of April 11, fbi sends 4 thugs (one male and 3 females) to assault me and my wife , causing a spike in pulse rate ( monitored by another sadistic fbi psychopath.


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