Synthesis: fbi Is MAFIA & Organized Crime


See proof by circumstantial evidence that fbi and MAFIA are one and the same.

Police lie for and join in crime spree with fbi assassins and federal magistrate judges. 

Police refuse to accept my reports, assist fbi in assassination attempts, fraudulently accuse me of filing false reports, falsify my police reports, refuse to provide me with a copy of police reports and threaten me at the police station when I report police to their corrupt Internal Affairs office.

Meanwhile, fbi assaults me 24/7/365 with DEW & ELF even as I suffer from coronary artery disease,  etc.

City prosecutors cover up crimes, refuse to prosecute fbi operatives who confess to crimes against my person,
and AG gives his imprimatur to all offenses that I report. State Bar ignores all of my professional concerns.

fbi hoodlums delete many of my online publications and threaten for allowing me to post . *My recent paper at Academia is even now blocked from online viewing, except by downloading the paper. See the paper entitled, 

Organized fbi crimes are authorized by the insane federal magistrate judges who advise fbi that the 'Court' needs an arrest record of violence in order to imprison or kill GERAL SOSBEE in mental ward , or prison. Organized crimes by fbi inspire all police and citizenry to fear fbi as though fbi is MAFIA.


Specific names of thugs in police and prosecutors'
offices are in many of my posts, papers, articles and documentaries


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