Another Installment of "My Story In Detail"


See how completely corrupt and murderous are fbi and all who help them.

Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

Over the past 35 years all authorities ignore my reports of fbi crimes against my person and my property. For the past 19 years I have resided in Cameron & Hidalgo counties, Texas, where fbi assaults have often been aggravated.

In all instances I have identified police and prosecutors as unprofessional in responding to my request for investigation of crimes committed against me. Some police actually assist fbi in conducting fraudulently conceived and illegally executed provocative assaults & battery and threats against me.

For example, for a decade the police at University of Texas, Harlingen and their supervisors in San Antonio Texas issued verbal and written notices to all authorities to "BE ON LOOK OUT " for GERAL SOSBEE. Police leaders BLEIER & WILSON can confirm these episodes.

Another fbi/police operative on the same campus was assigned to monitor my activities at the university computer and to brazenly assault me in the parking lot.

Indeed, the threats and harassment by police, library officials and street thugs (like Alonso Yanez
& Charles G) were so outrageous that one member of the campus staff refused to participate in the filthy games, and then advised me of the illegal and immoral acts ongoing against me on campus.

In Brownsville Texas, Detective Adrian Posada in an amazing show of flagrant abuse of authority threatened me and my wife with arrest as we tried to file a report of vandalism of our car.

In Harlingen Texas, as I and my wife tried to report attempted murder by toxic fumes into my residence by a Harlingen police officer, the police supervisor kept his hand on his firearm during the entire time that we were in the small interview room. The cop who tried to kill me with the fumes apparently met with fbi agent in my presence in a 'gaslighting' exercise one evening as my wife and I returned to our residence.

In yet another illegal police threat against me and my wife see my documentaries on USPI TREY KNIPFING & Texas DPS CONRAD RODRIGUEZ, as they traveled across Texas in a witch hunt & came into my residence and, under false pretext, threatened me on behalf of fbi and with the complete coordination of U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

Today, the fbi continues their high stress maneuvers (& gaslighting games) everywhere I go under the fraudulent authority of an insane federal magistrate judge who issued a federal location monitoring order against me on orders from fbi serial killers.

Each and every person who climbs on the fbi terror band wagon against GERAL SOSBEE is guilty de facto as an accessory to attempted murder and other crimes against GERAL SOSBEE.

See my explanation in the next link for the above statement.

I regret to inform all police and citizens involved in the fbi masquerade described above that : "YOU ARE CRIMINALS, COWARDS & SYCHOPHANTS" of fbi who commit crimes against humanity globally.

Finally, the fbi uses DEW AND ELF to cause me extreme sleep deprivation while also attacking me 24/7/365 for life with their COINTELPRO dirty tricks.

That's a tiny piece of "My Story In Detail "



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