Resistance Party present at the STOP TPPA Protest in Dunedin


One lonely skinhead and Right Wing Resistance Party member present at the 'STOP THE TPPA' rally in Dunedin on the 29th of March.

The STOP THE TPPA Protest in Dunedin on March 29th attracted quite a number of people to come to the Octagon and voice their discontent about the government's secrecy about the TPPA and the negotiations of it behind close doors.

Interestingly it also attracted one lonely member of the Right Wing Resistance Party. This skinhead was not even afraid to wear his 'SS', 'white pride' and 'Right Wing Resistance Party' patches openly.

While he was standing on the side of the protest, listening and talking to two elderly women he was later seen leaving with, it appears he did not manage to successfully engage in any meaningful debate with other attendees of the rally.

In my humble opinion, the attendance of a skinhead at a community protest should be taken as a serious indicator of an increasing level of political activity on the far right end of the spectrum in Dunedin. Although, this skinhead seemed to be politically confused as he could be seen clapping to a poem about Martin Luther King which was read out by one of the speakers. This was especially surprising because our lonely skinhead seemed to rejoice in the exclamation of equal rights for blacks as much anyone else in the audience. I guess he wasn't too clear on the actual politics of the Right Wing Resistance Party after all.

Finally, before the protest ended, the our lonely white supremacist and his two aforementioned companions scattered off without being able to make any significant impact.

This incident should still not be underestimated. Rather the presence of a skinhead at the STOP THE TPPA rally should be evaluated in the wider context of increasing radical right wing political activity, specifically the persistent attempts of the RIGHT WING RESISTANCE PARTY of spreading beyond Christchurch and accommodation itself within the political mainstream of Aotearoa. Let us not forget that the same skinhead also attended the white pride march in Christchurch on the 22nd of March, which came out openly promoting genocide to clean Aotearoa and turn it into a 'white' country.

In the attached picture the skinhead can be seen in the center, wearing a black bomber jacket with patches, including but not limited to the above named patches.


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i hear there was a bunch of neo-nazis in Auckland too at the rally.

We shouldn't be surprised that if our politics are crap - ie. letting NZ First MPs speak at a supposed left-wing rally - then it attracts people with crap politics. The TPPA campaign definitely has made nationalists quite comfortable. We need to argue against nationalism and kick NZ First people, as well as neo-nazis, out of our marches.

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