Fbi corrupts police


Fbi uses fusion center protocol to corrupt police & prosecutors

Police & ORA update:

This date McAllen Police refuse to release police report on class c assault & battery (A & B)of my person by fbi operative/assassin. The Texas AG supports the police violation of Texas Open Records Act.
This is happening frequently and when I complain about police lies and threats, the police are even more agitated and harass me at the station. The city attorney and AG are not interested in protecting victims rights. So, fbi assassins rule as per fusion center mandates.

The police officer REGALADO confirmed to me verbally that he viewed the A & B on the FedEx video. On several occasions police falsify my reports and sometimes threaten me. I have even documented that a Harlingen Texas police officer tried to kill me with toxic fumes pumped into my residence . When I tried to report the crime , another Harlingen cop threatened to shoot me by keeping his hand on his gun during my statements. The cop who tried to kill me was later promoted and honored.

Regarding the present case in McAllen Texas, Officer
Regalado also stated to me that the alleged perpetrator has right of privacy. When I replied that no such right exist during the commission of a crime, Regalado expressed surprise.

Note that the police have not fully attempted to identify the fbi thug who 1)threatened me in Fed ex and 2) committed assault and battery on me in efforts to provoke a response in kind. Face recognition technology would ID the criminal, but police seek to assist fbi by not pursuing the investigation. But if I had defended against the fbi hoodlum, no doubt the city or district attorney would join with fbiMAFIA in prosecuting me.

Welcome to America where police and fbi try to kill or imprison innocent persons, while protecting would be assassins and covering up crimes by police & fbi.

I need Regalado' s report to protect myself against continuing abuses by police.

In deference to fbi corrupt authority all police have implied permission to violate laws, falsify victims' reports, threaten victims and kill them if deemed necessary. Thus, police, prosecutors and fbi are mortal enemies of the people whom they pretend to serve.



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