Cultural Burning: Evolving With Community And Country report now published


A report has now been published on The South-East Australian Aboriginal Fire Forum, titled Cultural Burning: Evolving with Community and Country held on 11th May 2018. And other cultural burning news.

"The South-East Australian Aboriginal Fire Forum, titled Cultural Burning: Evolving with Community and Country held on 11th May 2018 gave participants the opportunity to network, learn, and establish collaborations with others committed to cultural burning and caring for Country. The Forum was held at the Ann Harding Centre, University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT.

The report has now been published and may be downloaded here.

This report was written as part of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre’s ‘Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities’ research project (BNHCRC’s HCIC).

The HCIC research project focuses on collaborations between Aboriginal groups and natural hazards management agencies across southern Australia.

The BNHCRC is funded through a combination of Commonwealth research monies, as well as financial and in-kind contributions from government organisations, research institutions and nongovernment organisations.

The authors were invited by the Murumbung Rangers to attend the Forum and write this report.

The Forum facilitators prepared an official Forum Report, which summarises key findings and provides recommendations emerging from the speakers and participants over the first two days of the forum.

Ancient technique of cultural burning revived by Indigenous people in NSW
By Jessica Clifford at ABC Illawarra - 'Uncle Vic Sharmen, an elder helping with the program, said anyone who had to look after land should be taught about cultural burning.

"It's really important we share that knowledge with those who are going to be charged with the responsibility of caring for country further down the track," he said.

The Shoalhaven elder was once a chief ranger for National Parks and Wildlife and has a degree in environmental science.

"Cultural burning is a marriage of science and cultural knowledge," Mr Sharmen said. The burns when done correctly, they are able to wipe out weed species and the endemic species will come back."

Upcoming Aboriginal Cultural Burning Event

Dhungala National Indigenous Fire Workshop June2019 On YortaYorta Woka
on Country on MurrayRiver!topic/wgar-news/t3uuMxRJLYQ

Koori Country Firesticks Aboriginal Corporation
Koori Country Firesticks is an Aboriginal Corporation whose members share the knowledge and practice of Aboriginal Cultural Burning of Country.'

Welcome to the Koori Country Firesticks Website
Working together to manage and care for Country.

The Koori Country Firesticks Aboriginal Corporation (KCFSAC) offer a community driven initiative for assisting private and public landholders to care for Country and manage their properties using Indigenous / Aboriginal cultural burning knowledge and practices.'

Past Aboriginal Cultural Burning Events

Burning to heal: Indigenous burning before and after the Tathra bushfire

Fighting fire with fire: cultural burning at Bundanon brings life back to the land

Background to Aboriginal Cultural Burning
Traditional Owners and cultural burning | Prescribed burning

Mudjingaalbaraga Fire Sticks Project

Reigniting cultural burning in south-eastern Australia – The ACT Aboriginal Cultural Fire Initiative

First Nations talk cultural burning in the ACT

The Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal: Churchill Fellowship Report: The Return of Cultural Burning - Scott Falconer


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