Sugar Restrictions in Soft Drinks policies - A Good Idea for Election 2014 say Disabled DLANZ

Sale of Assets, Fiscal and Personalities are important, but let’s not forget 'The Home Front'...too much sugar brings on Diabetes.
Test by Taste

There is a lot of vociferous concerns that fizzy drinks that I would have had, as a kid, had become so sweet, it was extra full of sugar. I heard the NZ Green Party and others .e. Maori. , talking of sugar restrictions and sugar taxes on ‘Junk Food’ such as fizzy Fanta, L&P etc

Back in 1976 when sitting my School Certificate – Biology, I was given a question: Show by which method you would use to identify Glucose in foodstuffs such as Honey etc? My answer was ’By tasting it’. Hardly scientific, but excess sugar has been linked to Type 2 Diabetes, which has serious disabling results i.e. Amputations etc. So when a local supermarket .advertised 3 bottles of fizzy drinks, I thought I’d do a bit of ‘Social Action Research’.

I am not normally a regular of these drinks nowadays, but I have to agree with those commentaries as the taste was so sweet, it was obvious and DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ believe a healthy environment / Koi Ora is fundamental for a voting consideration, sometimes its more important than money values, especially for our children / tamariki. Also aside from the Greens, Mana is promoting feeding kids in ‘poor’ schools, which we (DLANZ) have publicly supported (Ref 2013 AMC ‘’Tracey Marry Doug 2013’’

DLANZ has a motto also that all babies are born innocent, and we must feed the children first. While I am not perfect, or could be, in healthy living (I’m still smoking etc), does not mean I want to see kids get sick.

Doug Hay
DLANZ Coordinator


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