New coal, Scott Morrison? Are you kidding us?!


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is on the brink of locking us into a climate disaster. Facing huge pressure from the National Party, Morrison is poised to fund a set of destructive new fossil fuel projects, including a brand new coal-fired power station.1

By GetUp!

New coal would be a disaster for our climate. These men's twisted ideology is an urgent and tangible threat to our future. While floods and fires rage and homes are wiped out from climate chaos, these men are trying to lock us into an unliveable future.

But while Canavan and Joyce continue their pro-coal tantrum, a slew of Coalition MPs know these very same antics are going to cost them their seats. They are watching on from marginal seats, knowing every time the likes of Joyce and Canavan open their mouths, crucial swing voters are turning away.

So let's make it hurt them. While Scott Morrison decides whether to cave in to the Nationals and lock us into a coal-burdened future, we'll throw everything we've got at them in all the right places – with ads outdoors and on phones, on the radio waves and in shop fronts.

Will you chip in to make any public funding going to new coal a vote-killer?

Staring down the barrel of electoral defeat, Morrison is desperate to please his friends in the Nationals, but their cooked coal addiction will cost them.

We can make new coal as toxic to their election prospects as it is to our atmosphere.

Together we'll:
• Blanket Queensland's airwaves in ads highlighting climate damage like the current drought and its links to coal;

• Support big Town Hall events in capital cities to gather volunteers and make our anti-coal election effort huge;

• Deliver a powerful targeted digital advertising strategy in the electorates that will hurt Morrison the most;

• Produce outdoor advertising like billboards in marginal seats; and

• Make GetUp's huge electoral campaign to get hard right blockers out of parliament even bigger.

If we can go after the Government's vote-losing coal rhetoric in all the right places, we can terrify Coalition MPs and force Morrison to back away from this last-ditch desperate coal bid.

We've just seen hundreds of thousands of young people marching in the streets for their future, and these men are callously trying to dig up and burn more coal to sate their own vested interests. Together we'll make the prospect of new coal as toxic as coal itself in their electorates with an unmissable campaign they won't be able to ignore.

For our future. For our climate.

Sam R, for the GetUp team

[1] 'NSW coal plant among a dozen energy projects in line for taxpayer funds', SBS News, 27 March 2019


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During its final sitting days in Parliament, the government is trying to rush through a sneaky Bill that would grant Efic – Australia’s export credit agency - an extra $1 billion that could go to fossil fuel projects overseas.

The Senate held a rushed inquiry into the Bill and released their final report yesterday. The report ignored the key issues raised by civil society groups including Efic’s record of funding projects with negative impacts on human rights, their non-existent climate change policy, and worrying lack of transparency.

Politicians are about to push through this Bill with hardly any consultation with the public. That means now is your only chance to make your voice heard before the Senate votes on the Efic Bill next week.

Send your Senators a quick message now and urge them to block the Bill and stop Efic from funding further fossil fuel projects.

Efic has a concerning history of funding fossil fuel projects that put women and their communities at risk. In 2014, Efic gave $500 million to the disastrous PNG LNG project – which has led to an increase in violence, exacerbated gender inequality, and has harmed the PNG economy.

Now they’re at it again.

Right now, Efic is considering funding an offshore oil project in Senegal with potentially devastating impacts on women’s livelihoods and the environment. An oil spill would be a disaster for the many women and artisanal fishers who rely on the sensitive coastal ecosystem. The project also has the potential to impact critically endangered turtle and dolphin species.

Efic currently has access to $200 million of “callable capital”. Imagine what harm they could do with an extra $1 billion? We can’t let politicians sneak through this Bill without consulting their voters.

Our movement has stood up to Efic before and won. In 2017, when Efic was considering funding the Boikarebelo coal mine, we stood behind South African climate justice activist Francina Nkosi and successfully pressured Efic to withdraw.

With the government now considering a dangerous Bill that would massively increase Efic’s access to funding, it’s time to raise our voices again. If Senators receive hundreds of messages from constituents like you calling on them to block the Efic Bill, they’ll have to pay attention.

Thanks for taking action,

Lucy and the ActionAid Australia team

One of the world’s biggest banks, in countries with some of the world’s biggest coal expansion plans, is funding one of the world’s biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year HSBC announced it would stop funding new coal projects - but with a big, cynical loophole - it left the door open to funding new coal projects in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

It’s unfair to ban new coal everywhere but three developing countries. These countries - and our planet - deserve better than the polluted air and water coal brings.

We’re working with organisations in Asia and Europe to intervene at the bank’s upcoming annual general meeting in the UK. We have reserved space for a huge, full-page ad in the Financial Times, calling out the bank’s cynicism over coal funding. If we can raise the funds, the ad will run on the day of the AGM!

Our ad exposes HSBC’s hypocrisy and calls on the bank to close their policy loopholes and stop funding all new coal.

Full page newspaper ads are expensive and as a small not-for-profit we need help to cover the cost if we’re going to get this ad in the paper and in front of HSBC. With the AGM just weeks away we’re tight on time. Can you help by chipping in?

HSBC bank is massive. With one base in Europe and another in Asia, they have the potential to influence the clean energy revolution the world desperately needs to avert the worst of climate change.

Cheap and clean renewable energy is revolutionising how people access power, and presents one of our most important weapons to fight the climate crisis.

New coal power plants would send us backwards, right when we need to be transitioning to renewable energy.

Closing the loopholes in their energy policy and ruling out funding all new coal is the minimum we should be able to expect. This is our chance to convince them. Please chip in and help us get this full page ad in front of HSBC on the bank’s most important day of the year.

Together we can convince HSBC to protect our environment by dumping all new coal!

Julien, on behalf of Market Forces

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