imminent rebellion 13

Rebel Press is looking for submissions for issue 13 of imminent rebellion.

We’re after quality writing on topics relevant to anarchist revolutionary organisation: decolonisation, feminism, socialist economics, direct democracy, ecological justice, queer liberation, and challenges to state power. We’re interested in a variety of a content including radical analysis, histories, personal experiences, poetry, fiction, book reviews, photo essays, comics, and illustrations. We prefer submissions to be kept under 5000 words. Artwork needs to look good reproduced in black and white on a small scale.

All work published by Rebel Press is anti-copyright.

Please contact us at info(at) by April 14 and let us know if you’re interested in writing or providing artwork for imminent rebellion 13. The deadline for submissions is June 11 (and this time we’re enforcing it!).

About imminent rebellion

imminent rebellion is an anarchist journal that seeks to illuminate struggles and projects that bring us closer to an anarchist society. Previous issues are available for free download from


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