The way the French look at revolution

Revolution is the essence of history. Fascism is counter-revolutionary. Here capitalist régime tries to turn back the clock . Against the present French government 'les gilets jaunes' are attempting to destroy élitism. Will their ideas prevail?

The way the French look at revolution

Fernando García Izquierdo

                                                                                      To my wife 

Some two or three weeks ago, an American friend, who knows I live in Paris, asked me by the post to tell her what I thought of the “gilets jaunes”; and I anwsered (litterally, I think) that “at least they are destroying capitalism.”

I should have rather said that “they are demolishing one form of French capitalism”, for as to destroying capitalism in this poor France of ours, I now doubt it. Not only are they not destroying it, but I am afraid they may end up reinforcing it. We shall see.
Anyhow, political adventures in this country, there have been many. Real revolutions only one: worse, three quarters of one. It’s true that the people marched on the streets (1789) chanting “Les aristocrates on les pendra!” and almost did what they said; they soon moderated moderated their ardor and followed Napoleon (previously Corporal Bonaparte) to turn central and eastern Europe into a real butchery (also southern Europe. .)

A pessimistic view of what is happening.
When one sees and considers what has happened with the Soviet Union, what can one hope for? Never mind!I
What I want to say now, the message I would like to pass on to the reader, I doubt if I can put it clearly on paper, the hidden forces are employing such an armada of paid sycophants that most people have deeply swallowed the lie and there is nothing doing.

Let us try, nevertheless.
First of all I will say this writer (who knows well what oppression is) sees fascism sneaking into the social cell of what is called the State.
For reasons that I shall not relate, I know fairly well the eastern European country Poland (where I went with my wife for a long summer holiday in 1977.) A sovereign country then, which indecent capitalism-imperialism taxed as “satellite of the Soviet Union”, which it was not. Satellites are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Austria and a dozen more just in Europe… of Washington and imperialist Capitalism, Money. This is evident, but we “sleeping men” who like to lie down (orgasm) and being pleasantly dealt with by “pernicious blood suckers.”

The way the “accumulators” want to prolong the orgasm.
Look at this. Twenty years ago, even the Spaniards believed that “Europa” was “una fundación divina, que iba a enseñar al mundo entero.” That God had built Europe to show the savages in the world the way.
Today even the Spanish people and institutions (churches, organisations, football crowds, etc.) that so much owe to Brussels, speak badly of the European Union.
Making revolution? Not in your life. Now, in Spain and elsewhere, the reaction against oppression, injustice, bloodsucking, is fascism.
Because we humbly accepted, suffered fascism, falange, opusdei, etc., during

forty odd years, Spain was saved until now from crude fascism. Lately, too, like the Poles, the Spaniards have a prominent fascist party.

Fascism is threatening, not so the “gilets jaunes”.
Moreover, I know (I do not know why I know, but I do) that the Capitalists in the country where I live, having learned from their English cousins that chicanery, so inherent in the personality of the politicians of “la Perfide Albion”, are turning to gross lying, in the media, sending every morning, every hour, well-trained scoundrels to speak, act like in a theatre, instead of simply chanting “liberté, égalité and fraternité” from time to time.
I hear on France Inter, which is supposedly “une radio publique”, a rosary of lies, every morning, first thing, and thereafter almost every hour, one or other of the politicians related to the president or even the president himself, one or other of the ministers, parliamentarians or members of that potpourri party called “en marche”… lies, lies, lies well recited, like the priests of my younger years reiterating the lies about “be humble, because it is God who ordains that, and if you suffer all the better for it means that He will give you eternal glory in the afterlife”.

Like a tune from La Banque Rothschild
The hidden forces, the banks, finance, industry and all the algorisms that now produce so much, the “maximisers”, as they are also called, are now directly in command. To keep the sleeping citizen low and humbled, invented false doctrines. From the postwar (1945) onwards they taught us “to contain the advance of communism”, and it followed that “communist society” was the enemy to fight. They offered our workers the crumbs falling from richmen’s tables, and what they (the State) called a ‘welfare state’.
And capitalism-imperialism offered and gave the eternally sleeping citizens so much, so much. West Europeans thereafter enjoyed the “thirty glorious years”.
For the time being, I’ll only add, first, that our working aristocracy, as they were called, did enjoy (Benidorm, Torremolinos, Djerba, Lesbos, La Costa Brava, etc.) vacations in Paradise. “¡viva el capitalismo!” Secondly (and here is where we committed the deadly sin), save the communists, among those ‘travailleurs aristocratiques”, no one, no one seemed to know that all that abundance, prosperity, ‘gaspillage’ was due to the most criminal ever colonial exploitation.

The born ruffian and his three hundred scoundrels.
And the worst of all is that the same category of workers or ex-workers, who are now so dispossessed in France today, millions of “travailleurs pauvres”, workers who take just their daily bread to their mouths, and an equal number of ‘chômeurs’… and you won’t believe it… they all or almost all rushed to vote for an obvious rogue, ‘crook-escroc’, because they all believed that the totally unknown young man would bring them “les trentes glorieuses” anew.
Those destined to become “gilets jaunes” included.
In other words, politically unprepared workers, (non-unionised), helped to bring forward, the stooge of capitalism, Macron. It has been always the same. In 1945 they brought De Gaulle to displace the communists, the authentic “Resistance”, and in 1794 they murdered Robespierre, a real revolutionary, and chose Bonaparte, an army corporal, to make him Emperor Napoleon and follow him chanting “liberté, égalité, fraternité” everywhere; and everywhere sent destruction, blood and death.

The Nation and the State.
In Marxian thought, the State is an instrument utilised by a minority to dominate a majority, the masses, and against this all workers have to fight, together on occasion. The concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat is not a historical retrogression, as the usurpers of common good want to make us believe. Anyone reading Lenin will patently see this.
It is the only way, for working men and women, of obtaining justice. It is the way of making a real free world.
Do the ‘gilets jaune’ understand this? It seems to me that they do not.

Is it correct to say that among the ‘gilets jaunes’ there is fascism?
I have heard on the radio many times that the ‘movement’ contains a number of fascists among them: or populists, as journalists now prefer to say. That at once intrigued and alarmed me.
Let me explain all this, even if it seems that I am deviating from the subject-matter of this article. Though I have never been in “la vie active” anything but a good lawyer, and there I learned a lot, almost always ”commanding a good salary”, I always hated fascism. From the age of seven onwards I perceived through my senses in Spain (though I never physically suffered) the absolute evil of fascism. When after the war (precisely against fascism) I went to England and spoke in public against Franco, the Spanish dictator, a young lecturer shut me up, saying that what I had said might be true, “but Franco saved Spain from communism.”

Will the ‘gilets jaunes’ be real revolutionaries?
That the movement is going to last I have not the slightest doubt, mainly because I have lived many years in France, and I have been an outside observer for many years, first time June 1953.
Today, in France, the proletariat has descended to the same state of slavery as the proletarians were (‘mutati mutandi’) in 1793-1794. If you read the history of the French Revolution (as Dickens did in order to write one of his novels) you will see how one aristocrat, going very quickly to one of the sumptuous parties celebrated daily by the rich, happened to run over a child, who was playing on a village-street traversed by said aristocrat’s coach. Well, nothing happened to the aristocrat, and the dead child’s parents were arrested the following day because the aristocat arrived late at the party. And this other detail of history, under Louis XVI, all the rich, now and then received money from the king as a gift, a donation. Gallant king! The poor farmhands, who exploited a chunk of land had to pay taxes on their exploitations.
It is exactly the same today, in this crook’s France!! I use the word crook to design him because all the workers or “chômeurs” call him “escroc”, which is the only ‘liberté’ left to them.
Now, are these ‘gilets jaunes’ going to fight against social crimes and injustices, as the bolchevics did in Russia, or are they just going to show their annoyance at the price of gas?
Because unless it is a proletarian revolution “in order to change from capitalism to communism, the ‘revolutionaries’ are not only wasting their time but may be opening the door to fascism.

Yet, some call fascism revolutionary.

“You know Nicky,” I said to my wife the other day, “’las fuerzas ocultas del capitalismo’ are seeking how to place Marine Le Pen as the Head of State. Mark my words.”
“How do you know?” she asked.
“Ah! how do I know! I have studied Marx,” I answered, “read Lenin, lived under the boot of fascism in Spain.”.
I told her how I saw in my worst dreams that fascism was advancing all the time, everywhere in our free world, specially since, in 1990, the Russians betrayed HISTORY.
It was so evident to me. It could not have turned out otherwise. Gone communism, all those men and women with the little souls of degraded beings so jealous, prospective escapees… at once the capitalist-imperialists of the West became like big wolves on the mountains, ready to descend howling upon their poor victims and destroying all vestiges of socialism.
Having lost all fear, the bastards were dreaming of further maximising their profits, more and more, and more “más y más, y más. ¡VIVA EL CAPITALISMO!

There is where we stand today, 2019.
The ‘gilets jaunes’ made their “revolution”, the Powers-that-Be now tell them that they have taken note of their justified complaints.
“That is enough” Stooge Macron, says, “ça suffit.”

And back to square one. Macron, as the bombastic guy he is, calls it “le Grand Débat National”. Whereupon most people agreed to attend the so-called debates. Mainly to hear their own voices. People do not seem to understand. If nothing else the State spends its money to organise good speeches, contradictory or quite in agreement. A lady wants the maternity hospital to be reopened in her village; another person pleads for the railway line that for thirty years has serviced his provincial town, to be maintained; a third one would like the pub, which was the soul of his hamlet, to be subsidised, etc.
And nobody seems to realise that the question of “let us talk, lay down all other arms” was raised and elucidated two hundred years ago.
Have we not just said that the controlling elite, those who control and direct the State (instrument of domination) are very well qualified humans, well trained to perpetuate domination (in the use of the langage, for instance). Can the people ever willingly accept to abandon the class struggle, in order to engage upon discussions.

The State’s crimes against humanity.
One thing I did not write about in my letter to the American friend, because I did not know then, is that in its dealings with the ‘gilets jaunes’ the French State is being accused by national and international persons and institutions as committing crimes against humanity; that is to say, they’re assassins.
To sustain the capitalistic regime, to continue the exploitation or slavery of the people, they use those “weapons with a sharper edge” recommended by The Economists, now, the cibernetic-weapon, and this is an evident crime, as stated in the United Nations’ report.
“¡Asesinos!” Spanish demonstrators in Rajoy’s times, when the ‘antidisturbios’ attacked in the street peaceful workers demanding their rights. I learned from very good sources, that the fascist regime, not to alarm its European and American sponsors (and trying with this in mind to avoid actual deaths (in the statistics), were training the said ‘antidisturbios’ to make sure that these destroyed with the strength of their batons only the mouth and teeth and/or gall-bladder, the victim invalid for life.
‘Eh, bien!’ the French capitalist regime has adopted the same method. I have heard on the wireless that all those citizens that go to the demonstrations fear they will lose an eye or their entire right arm, for good.
It is so very easy, with what they call artificial intelligence to control the masses and the movements of the masses and even what every human does and intends to do!

At times I think revolution is impossible.
From the moment I started studying in London, I knew that the Free World was the biggest swindle invented by the satanic accumulators, usurpers of the common wealth. By implication, I must admit (I did not take long to learn when I was a member of the elite), that communism was social progress. I did not see, attain the TRUTH, but I saw with imperturbable clarity where is the evil. The Great Satan, as a famoue Iranian priest once said.
All in all, impressed as I soon was, studying how the Russian communists made the October Revolution, and impressed by the early results (and the effect of these results which lasted until 1990), I at once knew knew the proletarian revolution was the next step. Capitalism-imperialism was to be buried. But how was this to be carried out? Everywhere some pernicious blood suckers and sleeping populations constituted the stuff of which humanity was made.

I had failed to understand what was happening.
In France today the exploiting elite are absolutely terrified. It is only now that I understand all this. The ‘gilets jaunes’ is not a revolutionary movement (unless you think that revolution means havoc and anarchy. Probably nothing very constructive will come out of the movement, which may still be going on for some time, and when it is at last exhausted, my guess is it will be followed by a change of government. What this may bring on, I don’t know. The form the new government will take will still have the appearance of democracy, but it will be, as in many countries of the Free World “populism”, i.e. fascism pure and simple. The French will at long last have a lady at the head of the State.

It is written, all is foreseeble, and the hatred will continue.
Strange word, this one HAINE, five letters and pronounced scarcely in two sounds. I read some days ago (in The Economist, precisely) that this term, the concept that it entails, is so ingrained in the inner being of every ‘citoyen’ and ‘citoyenne’ that humans in all France are wolves to other humans, and that the most numerous of the two antagonists, the now dead and gone “classe ouvrière”, working class only want to destroy, and they are not likely to stop (we shall see); on the contrary these “encounters” are likely to multiply.
Before going on, let me say that I was glad I had read the mentioned article, which I am freely interpreting. I cannot read, observe, study anything without analysing and making the observation somehow mine.

How have we come so far in that hatred?
This is a question very very easy to answer. Look at Monsieur Macron. What do you see? I see a human exactly as he was presented to us by President Hollande, exactly three years ago, a “stooge”. What did this stooge say to the French people who elected him? More or less what he has been doing since he’s been at the “Elysée”, as you say in journalistic parlance.
Then, why do the ‘gilets jaunes’ complain? ‘Voilà!’ Here is the rub!!


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