Fbi attempts murder


This report captures fbi's premeditated attempted murder of former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE.

Premeditated murder attempt by fbi of this Target 

Here is a brief outline of methods, practices and parties who are, based on empirical evidence,  actually killing me day by day. 

See my podcasts and several papers at Academia.edu for additional information. 

Podcast #75

Fbi for the past 20 years attacks me with Directed Energy Weaponry  (including microwave and extremely low frequency sound waves, ELF). Over the past few years the DEW and ELF assaults have gradually intensified resulting in coronary artery disease, loss of hearing and other medical conditions. 

Presently, the fbi watches my condition worsen as a result of incapacitating sleep deprivation which keeps me awake all night with brief moments of sleep the following day.

Fbi puts added stress by sending men to mock the life threatening heart condition. These operatives come at me and use their right hand to pat their left chest area. Some fbi operatives commit criminal assault & battery on my person.

Fbi turns neighbors into potential assassins and sends them to terrorize me and my wife.

Daily,  I am exhausted & sleepy all the time.  I have difficulty walking and sometimes I faint. 

The fbi also watches me check my blood pressure shooting high and see me taking the medication. Losing patience that I have only suffered brief moments of pulse rate danger signs 
(such as blood veins throbbing in my neck as though to announce an imminent stroke), the fbi sends a very evil person online to further harass & stress me.


Previously I documented that fbi attacked me in my home with toxic fumes, chemicals (part 16 of My Story In Detail) and a bacterial infection near cerebrum. Plus, fbi turned a M.D. again into an operative who threatened to institutionalize me for reporting DEW assaults. (Part 20 of My Story In Detail)

Thus, today I have prepared my beloved wife for the possibility of my demise from attacks by fbi assassins who use DEW AND ELF & STRESS et al in their calculated and premeditated murder plot.

Thank you to all who understand that the bad boys at fbi & doj & insane federal magistrate judges have destroyed our country and impose their insanity on the people 



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