2014 Anarchist Bookfair in Wellington


What could be the first Anarchist Bookfair in this country begins next week - a long weekend of questioning and challenging beliefs, ideologies, states and systems.

Anarchists and their supporters are gathering in Wellington this coming weekend for, what could be, the first Anarchist Bookfair to be held in New Zealand.

The Bookfair, on 15 March at 19 Tory St, will feature a wide range of anarchist material of all shades and tendencies.

“Some of the literature,” said spokesperson Anna Cocker, “has not been seen in this country before. There will be literature that covers many of the various nooks and crannies of anarchism. It will be an opportunity for locals to savour not only NZ anarchist leaflets, pamphlets, zines and books but material from around the world.”

The Bookfair is not limited to the Saturday. An art exhibition of posters, zines, badges and protest art will be on display at 19 Tory St from 12th to 16th March. There will also be a series of public talks and discussions over the week, including talks by authors, writers and local anarchists.

“At 19 Tory St we will create a space to foster an interest in anarchism,” said Ms Cocker. “Through not only the Bookfair, but also through both a series of talks and the art exhibition, we hope to introduce anarchism to a wider audience. At 19 Tory St we will look at where we came from, where we're going, what's happening now, and also at what can happen in the future in Aotearoa.

“In a time,” said Ms Cocker, “when families and communities across this country, and indeed the world, are struggling more and more to just survive, anarchy offers solutions. An anarchist critique of all the awfulness that makes up capitalism allows hope for a society founded on mutual aid and respect, it allows belief in a non-hierarchical society based on self-determination.

“Anarchy rebels against the utterly corrupt political and economic system of capitalism,” said Ms Cocker. “Anarchy confronts the current system and unmasks it as one owned by the corporate class. It is a class that routinely spies on us and works in conjunction with what has become a totalitarian surveillance police state to maintain power.

“It is hoped,” said Ms Cocker, “that people will join us at 19 Tory Street to challenge capitalism and to celebrate anarchism through books, literature, film, speakers and more.

“It is hoped people will join us in asking questions, finding answers and discovering the joy and power of solidarity and mutual aid.”

For a full schedule of events, speakers and vendors, please visit our website at http://wellingtonanarchistbookfair.com

Join Us for a Long Weekend of Books, Speakers, Art, and More - March 12-16

Website: http://wellingtonanarchistbookfair.com/

Wednesday 12 March, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at 19 Tory St. Opening of the Anarchist Bookfair Week, with drinks and nibbles. Explore the exhibit of poster, zine, and protest art, “Anarchy in New Zealand, 1970s-2000s”

Thursday 13 March, 5:30 PM at TF Room, Museum of Wellington City & Sea, South African journalist and author Michael Schmidt speaks on “South Africa Today: The Implosion of the ANC”

Friday, 14 March, 6:00 PM at 19 Tory St. Participants in local Wellington Anarchist groups and project share info and talk about their work

Saturday 15 March 10 AM – 5 PM, 19 Tory St, Anarchist Bookfair, Books, Magazines, Zines, pamphlets and other radical literature from Wellington and around world

Sunday 16 March 11 AM – 3 PM, 19 Tory St. Speakers, Workshops, and more.

Admission to the bookfair is free of charge


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