Trespass notice served to deep sea oil surveying ship


Members of Oil Free Wellington have today served the Captain of the MV Duke with a trespass notice signed by Wellingtonians opposed to deep sea oil drilling in the Pegasus Basin.

The MV Duke has been contracted by Anadarko, a Texan based oil company that has permits to undertake exploratory deep sea drilling in the Pegasus Basin, Canterbury Basin and Taranaki Basin. The MV Duke is currently in Port in Wellington.

One Oil Free Wellington member boarded the vessel in order to issue the notice to the captain directly.

“This trespass notice was issued by the Wellingtonians who marched against deep sea oil drilling two weeks ago. It demands Anadarko leaves our oceans for the sake of our coasts, climate and communities.” says Oil Free Wellington spokesperson James Barber

“On the day we marched to Anadarko’s offices to issue this tresspass notice they had closed their offices in response. That left us with no other choice but to visit the seismic surveying ship to deliver this message.”

“Upon receiving the trespass notice the captain said ‘we won’t find oil.”

“Wellingtonians are extremely concerned about the impact of deep sea oil drilling on the coasts, the climate and marine life. Anadarko are not welcome in Wellington,” says Barber.

“Resistance to Anadarko and deep sea drilling plans is growing. Oil Free Otago’s flotilla last weekend shows the movement around Aotearoa is prepared to resist these plans every step of the way.”


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