Submissions callout: WWI and NZ nationalism, militarism & imperialism

2015 is the 100-year anniversary of ANZAC Day, and there’s already a fancy state-endorsed PR campaign to accompany the celebrations of nationalism and militarism.

To counter the hegemonic accounts of the War, we want to provide a space for alternate histories and analysis of both World War One itself and of New Zealand nationalism, militarism and imperialism more broadly.

Some topics to consider include:
- Accounts of World War One from perspectives that are usually ignored: Māori, women, pacifists/socialists/anarchists
- New Zealand imperialism in the Pacific
- New Zealand’s role in upholding US imperialism (Afghanistan, Iraq, Waihopai spy base)
- The Impact of WW1 and the war on terror on domestic politics then and now
- The WW1 narrative as a nation-building project
- Who does the dominant narrative of New Zealand national identity include and who is excluded?
- Does the nationalist narrative erase the legacy of colonisation?
- Feminist histories of New Zealand’s wars

Please send expressions of interests to info[at] by March 15.

About Rebel Press

We are a small anarchist publishing collective based in Aotearoa / New Zealand. We publish books, pamphlets and zines about struggles against colonialism, capitalism, state power and patriarchy.


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