The Fix


The people must recognize the evil that is today's government and society and fix it.

The fix

This report seeks to identify the terrible disaster facing our world and to suggest a framework for further analysis on how to fix the complex problem.

Well known data shows that the USA has 4.4% of the world's population with about 325 million. Yet, the USA proudly boasts 22% of the world's inmate population. For every 100k people here 716 are in prison. These figures do not include the number of persons confined in mental facilities and those who are under house arrest.

Where did the USA go wrong?

The citizens here encourage the ruling class, including billionaires, and the fbi to weed out a large section of the population for removal from society. Some are killed by fbi/cia/police and others are railroaded into prison or mental wards. 

This is no country for the vulnerable .

Some groups targeted for removal, or for death include those listed below.
These are the most frequently abused individuals in our society: Those with

Mental illness
Chemical dependency 
Communicable disease
Developmental disabilities 
Sexual offenders 
Intelligence officials who become whistleblowers 
Political adversaries and suspected revolutionaries
Idealists and creative geniuses 

How does fbi 'purify' society and purge undesirables ?

Fbi has a large and complex apparatus for killing/imprisoning our people.
The multilayered scheme for treating people as dogs benefits fbi,police,judges, prisons,pharmaceuticals,and others. 
For profit described the USA's criminal justice system (CJS). Theoretically everyone profits, except the victimized Target.

When cjs does not work to kill or imprison the Target, the fbi has another back up system to do the job. I name that system here as the quasi cjs which is the biggest fraud put over the people, ever:

The quasi cjs is purely civil and its provisions are secret and nearly impossible to identify. No rights are afforded the Target who is often handled as an human experimentee. That Target is attacked by fbi & company with secret, abusive, civil process which is authorized by fbi's own federal magistrate judge who is a de facto fbi operative. 

Lawyers generally do not challenge the laws used against the Target because the laws are secret as are procedures for enforcing them.
Ignorance of the secret laws is as always not allowed as a defense. The Target thus is stripped of human, civil, constitutional rights, 
even when fbi, et al., fraudulently order the man castrated.

Federal location monitoring and intrusive & unconscionable 'supervision' of innocent Targets are ordered by fmj on request by fbi. The so called 'supervision' is a euphemism for fbi's unending crimes and provocations against the Target. Again, the Target has no rights, no opportunity to know why the torture program is executed against him/her.
See My Story In Detail at for descriptions of the evil quasi cjs which gives Carte Blanche authority to kill, torture and imprison the Target. See also my reports on psychological and gas lighting operations designed to drive Targets crazy.

Anyone, especially in lower income levels, is subject to being given a death sentence by fbi's NCIC . Once the fbi opens a file and labels the Target, he/she is subject to a lifetime of abuses. Frequently cops are trained by fbi to kill the Target in cold blood. In other cases the fbi tortures the Target and watches him/her commit suicide. Many veterans and others in the general population are wrongly forced into the quasi cjs. 
See my report at on What Would You Do, If, and note that I have proven complicity by cops, courts,and Congress in the ongoing atrocities. 

** Solution:*

We must realize that those officials in government and their constituents who empower them caused the inhumane and macabre culture we see today. They cannot be allowed to correct it.



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